On Going Projects

    From Government Agencies

  1. Modeling validation and application of ligand coated soft materials for adsorptive separation of GD3+ and UO22+ ions, DAE-BRNS, 2016-2019, Rs. 4.19 million
  2. Nucleation of nanostructured surface, DST-RFBR, 2017-2019, Rs. 1.5 million
  3. Boron nitride based adsorbent for removal of arsenic from aqueous streams, DST, 2016-2019, Rs 4.26 million
  4. Wetting behavior of fluids in presence of large particles on surfaces, DST-SERB 2015-2018, Rs 5.93 million
  5. From Industry

  6. Predicting the Release of Drugs from Multi-component Supramolecular Membranes, Akamara Biomedicine Pvt. Ltd, 2019-2020, Rs. 1.03 million
  7. Martinizing Anti-Cancer Drugs and Optimizing Multi-Component Supramolecular Formulations, Invictus Oncology, 2018-2019, Rs. 1.03 million
  8. Research and Development for Chemical Technology, SLPL, 2017-2020, Rs. 3.5 millions Understanding adsorption-desorption mechanism of nanoparticles on surfaces, Unilever, 2013-2014, Rs 1.55 million

  9. Completed Projects

    From Industry

  10. Understanding the nanoscale properties related to diffusion, surface stress and modulus of lithium ion cell materials using atomistic simulations, General Motors, 2011-2012, Rs 3.1 million
  11. Understanding the nanoscale properties related to diffusion, surface stress and modulus of lithium ion cell materials using atomistic simulations, General Motors, 2011-2012, Rs 3.1 millions
  12. Electronic, Optical, Structural and Dynamical Properties of ZnS-PMMA Nanocomposite, Samsung R&D, 2011-2012, Rs 2.50 millions
  13. Development of extra light and strong anti-weathering nets, Ingen, 2011-12, Rs 0.73 million
  14. From Government Agencies

  15. Understanding the self-assembly behavior of amphiphillic molecules on surfaces, DST 2013-2016, Rs 5.4 millions
  16. Advanced Computation and Research, MHRD, 2013-2018, Rs 57 millions
  17. Adsorption and desorption behavior of nanoparticle on a polymeric surface, CSIR, 2015-2018, Rs. 1.567 millions
  18. Center of Material Modeling, Mechanics and Applications, MHRD, 2014-2019, Rs 68.9 millions
  19. Aligned carbon nanotubes as porous materiasl for selective carbon dioxide adsorption and desorption: effect of pressure and charges, MOES, 2014-2017, Rs 4.105 millions
  20. Molecular Simulation study of the wetting behavior of polymer grafted silica surfaces, DST, 2013-2017 Rs 0.46 million
  21. Segregation of vibrated granular materials, DST 2011-2014, Rs, 3.38 millions
  22. Polymer-nanofiber separator for batteries, DST, 2011-2014, Rs 4.14 millions
  23. Wetting behaviour of aqueous organic fluids on functinal surfaces, UP-CST, 2010-2013, Rs 0.6 millions
  24. Molecular simulation of wetting transitions of functional surfaces, CSIR, 2009-2012, Rs 1.2 millions
  25. Structural and dynamical properties of organic and acqueous fluids at nanoscale, DST,2010-2013,Rs 3.35 millions
  26. Setting up of a supercomputing facilty at IIT Kanpur, DST, 2010-2013, Rs 99.6 millions
  27. Improving the wettability of liquid Sodium on Metal/Alloys, DAE-IGCAR, 2009-2011, Rs 1.586 millions
  28. Monte Carlo Simulation Study of Metal-Ion Solvent Systems, DAE-BRNS 2009-2012, Rs 3.625 millions
  29. Mesostructured Functional Thin Films and Interfaces of Soft Materials, IRPHA, DST, 2007-2011, Rs 49.5 millions
  30. Segregation in Heterogeneous Media, IIT Kanpur, 2007-2010, Rs 0.5 million
  31. Molecular simulation of associating fluids and their mixtures. DAE-BRNS, 2006-2009, 1 million
  32. Phase equilibria and interfacial properties of fluid and their mixture in nanoporous materials, DST, New Delhi, 2006-2009, 1.881 millions
  33. Structure, dynamics and phase behavior of complex fluids via Molecular Simulation, IIT Kanpur, 2006-2007, 0.9 million
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