Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Fourth International  Conference on

Nanotechnology for Better Living

Theme: Technological Advancements of Polymer Composites

A Tribute to  Prof. Bhowmick's 65 Birth Day: Infallible and Exciting Journey....

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
April 06-07, 2019

Prof. Bhowmick

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Our teacher, Prof. Anil K. Bhowmick, will be completing his tenure as regular faculty member on 30th April, 2019. In his superannuation from IIT Kharagpur and to show our respect it is our great privilege to hold this "Fourth International Conference on Nanotechnology for Better Living, Theme: Technological Advancements of Polymer Composites" during 6-7 April, 2019 at IIT Kanpur.

Professor Bhowmick is internationally known for his work on thermoplastic elastomer from blends, blocks and ionomers. His work in the area of polymer nanocomposites has got an international acclaim. In a recent survey, he has been rated as one of the 15 prolific authors publishing in the area of all types of nanocomposites in the world. We are also familiar with his work on failure and degradation of polymers, surface and bulk modification of plastics, sustainable polymers, waste utilization of plastics, etc. He has more than five hundred publications in these fields, 35 book chapters and seven co-edited books. He was also co-editor of the special issue of Polymer and Composite Characterization of the Journal of Macromolecular Science (USA). He was the 2002 winner of the "Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers" award and 1997 winner of the "George Stafford Whitby" award of the Rubber Division, American Chemical Society for innovative research, and 2001 K.M. Philip award of the All India Rubber Industries Association for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of rubber industries in India. He was also awarded NOCIL award 1991, JSPS award 1990, Commonwealth award 1990, MRF award 1989 and Stanton-Redcroft ITAS award 1989. He is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology (USA), Journal of Applied Polymer Science (USA), Journal of Materials Science (USA), Polymers and Polymer Composites (UK), Rubber Chemistry and Technology (USA), Polymer for Advanced Technologies (Germany) and Natural Rubber Research (India). He holds twelve patents including one US and one German patents. He brought many projects to the institute and developed many indigenous items for the country. He has guided forty two Ph.D. students and many master and post-doctoral students. He is a Fellow of National Academy of Engineering, Indian National Science Academy and W.B. Academy of Science and Technology.

Prof. Bhowmick always had a strong passion to challenge existing paradigms in field area of Polymer Science and Technology. Prof. Bhowmick has received highly-competitive research and consultancy grants from various Indian governments funding agencies and from industries (both from India and abroad). Prof. Bhowmick has brought more that 50 projects to IIT Kharagpur from various funding agencies. Prof. Bhowmick has very closely worked with the funding agencies such as Department of Science and Technology (DST), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), ExxonMobil Chemical Company, USA, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, USA, Bridgestone Tire Company, Japan, Lanxess, Germany, Denka, Japan, JK Tyres and Industries Limited, India, SK Carbon Black Industries, India, Reliance Industries, India, TATA Steel, India and many more. Till now he has transferred around 24 technologies to various industries.

To our mind, Prof. Bhowmick is one of the finest educationists in polymer science and technology in the world today. Most of the times we have seen Prof. Bhowmick carrying rubber and plastic specimens, liquid nitrogen, chemicals and sometime even tire samples to lecture halls. He had a very nice way to teach with live demos. Even during lab classes, we remember he would suddenly come up to students and ask them why they think the experiment is giving particular results. He used to explain the underlying phenomena behind each data with a lot of passion. Prof. Bhowmick's teaching clearly exemplifies two important pedagogical goals-content and process. He also used to go out of his way to elicit feedback from his students, inviting them to share their experiences at the end of each semester. It is this commitment to growth and his student's well-being that makes Prof. Bhowmick an outstanding teacher. 

Prof. Bhowmick has served as an extraordinary role model to senior professionals, as well as an inspiration to his younger colleagues at the beginning of their careers. Indeed, we know of individuals (including me) who selected a career in teaching and research because of the example set by Prof. Bhowmick. Prof. Bhowmick was conferred as Professor of Eminence by IIT Kharagpur for his outstanding contribution to teaching and research for the past 4 decades. At present he is the only Professor of Eminence in IIT Kharagpur. Very recently, he was also awarded Chair Professorship by Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE). Chair Professorship is one of the highest honours awarded in the academic arena and is reserved for the best faculty members across the country as an acknowledgement of their immense contributions to teaching and research.

Prof. Bhowmick has a perfect blend of skills in teaching, research and administration. Prof. Bhowmick's administrative skills are equally commendable to his teaching and research skills. He was selected as the Head, Rubber Technology Centre, IIT Kharagpur for two times (June 1990- Dec 1991 & September 2005- September 2007). He was able to globally position Rubber Technology Centre as a world class Research Centre for Polymer Science and Technology in terms of infrastructure, research facilities, receiving grants from Industries and campus placements for students. He was the Dean (Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy) (July 2000- December 2003) and Dean (Postgraduate Studies) (June 2002 to August 2002) at IIT Kharagpur. During his tenure as Dean (Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy) he was instrumental in raising the research funds from INR.20.0 Crores (July 2000) to INR. 80.0 Crores (December 2003). During his tenure as Dean (Postgraduate Studies) he introduced electronic registration system for the students in IIT Kharagpur.

Prof. Bhowmick was appointed as the founding Director of IIT Patna by the Government of India during 2009. Prof. Bhowmick was fully responsible for setting up IIT Patna from scratch. Prof. Bhowmick developed world class academic programmes including Polymer Science and Engineering in IIT Patna. He established all labs with state-of-the art facilities. He was able to position IIT Patna as one of the ten best engineering colleges in India in 2016.

We feel that this is the appropriate time to felicitate our teacher by bringing all his students at IIT Kanpur. We are sure that this conference will serve as a memory to one and all and provides us a means to connect wherever we may go for our professional growth.

The brief glimpses of the conferences are:


-4 Plenary talks distinguished scientists.

-8 Key note addresses

-20 Invited talks from world renowned academicians

-Meet of the Heads of the Scientific Organizations

-Industries interaction- Business opportunities

-Panel discussion with stalwarts

-Exhibition on world approved products/equipments

-Young scientists meet in open air

-Special session for Women working in Nanotechnology

-U.G/P.G Students Sessions with Nano-People

 -Opportunity for Research Collaboration

 -Awards (Young Researcher/Young Scientist)


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Fourth International Conference on Nanotechnology for Better Living, 2019

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