Teaching Experience

Has been teaching various courses in materials science and engineering since April 1972, when he first took up a faculty position. He designed/ developed many of these courses.  Having specialized in the areas of mechanical behavior of materials, plasticity, superplasticity and since 1994 on mechanical response of nanostructured materials, the focus has been on these subjects.  Teaching has been carried out at the following Universities: Banaras Hindu University, India (April 1972 – December 1979), Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India (January 1980 – September 1997), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India (October 1997 – September 2001), Anna University Chennai (2006- 2008), University of Hyderabad (2010-2015), Technical University, Aachen, Germany (1985-86), Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany (1994-95) and Institute of Materials Physics, University of Muenster, Germany (Jan.-Dec. 2009). The titles of the courses taught are:
  • Mechanical Metallurgy (a UG Course)

  • Mechanical Treatments of Steels (a UG Course)

  • Theory of Dislocations (a PG Course)

  • Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (a UG Course)

  • Metal Forming Technology (a UG Course)

  • Dislocations and Plastic Flow (a PG Course)

  • Metal Forming Processes (a PG Course)

  • Metal Forming Tools (a PG Course)

  • Special Topics in Metal Forming (a PG Course)

  • Thermo-mechanical Processing of Materials (a PG Course)

  • Mechanical Response of Nanostructured Materials (a PG Course)

  • An Introduction to Materials (a UG Course)

  • Mechanical Properties of Conventional and Nanostructured Materials (a PG Course)

In addition, he has delivered seminars at different academic and R&D institutions on all his areas of research interest encompassing Basic Researches on superplasticity, superplastic forming, fatigue (both high and low cycle fatigue), room- and high- temperature plasticity, sheet metal formability, structure-property correlations in conventional and nanostructured materials and thermo-mechanical treatments.


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Banaras University 3
IIT Madras 18
IIT Kanpur 1
University of Hyderabad 5
University of Erlangen 1
Technical University of Darmstadt 1
Anna University 2


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All were submitted to IIT Madras
University of Hyderabad


M Tech


Banaras University 3
IIT Madras 32
IIT Kanpur 3
University of Hyderabad 3


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IIT Kanpur


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2 (on more under preparation; to be delivered to Springer Verlag by the end of 2017)


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Both the expert level books written so far are the first of their kind.

The other details are available in the List of Publications.