SPiN Lab

Welcome to the SPiN research group at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. Research at the SpiN Lab focuses on the applications of signal processing to networks, and includes the following exciting research areas:

Localization of wireless sensor networks, design of distributed algorithms.
Signal processing assisted network monitoring
Transceiver optimization, precoder design, beamforming, interference alignment.
Signal processing for smart grid communications, load scheduling, state estimation.
Stochastic resource allocation and its applications in wireless networks.
Spectrum sensing via sparsity and low rank
Network coding

Recent Activites

A. S. Bedi, A. Koppel, and K. Rajawat, “Beyond consensus and synchrony in decentralized online optimization using saddle point method,” in Proc. Asilomar Conf. on Signals Systems Computers, (Accepted), 2017.
Sandeep Kumar defended his Ph.D. thesis on May. 30,2017.
R. Tripathi, B. Mohan, and K. Rajawat, "Adaptive Low Rank Matrix Completion," IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2017 (to be published).
A. S. Bedi and K. Rajawat, "Asynchronous Resource Allocation in Distributed Heterogeneous Networks," in Proc. of the IEEE ICC, Paris, France, May 2017.
A. S. Bedi and K. Rajawat, "Optimal Utilization of Storage Systems under Real-time Pricing," in Proc. of the IEEE ICC Workshop on Data Analytics for Smart Grid, Paris, France, May 2017.
Sandeep Kumar presented open seminar on Oct. 28,2016
S. Kumar and K. Rajawat, "Distributed Interference Alignment for MIMO Cellular Network Via Consensus ADMM" in Proc. of the IEEE GlobalSIP, Washington, DC USA, Dec. 2016.
J. Akhtar, A. S. Bedi, K. Rajawat, and A. K. Jagannatham, "BER-Optimized Robust Precoder design for MIMO-OFDM systems with Insufficient CP" in Proc. of IEEE Globecom, Washington, DC USA, Dec. 2016.
S. Kumar, R. Jain, and K. Rajawat, " Asynchronous Optimization Over Heterogeneous Networks via Consensus ADMM," IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks , Dec. 2016 (to be published).
A. S. Bedi and K. Rajawat, "Online Load Scheduling Under Price and Demand Uncertainty in Smart Grid," in Proc. of the Intl. Conf. on Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM), Bangalore, India. June 2016.

Following are the glimpse of the work carried out in our research group.