Pulse Laboratory -Facilities

Pouchcell Fabrication Facility

Semi-auto Electrode Punching Machine:
Capable of cutting pouch cell electrodes
of dimensions 58*44mm, 56*43mm,
118*79mm, 120*80mm.

Ultrasonic Welding machine:
Welding Area: 4mm(L) x 4mm(W)
Ultrasonic Frequency: 30 - 40 kHz

Aluminium Laminated Film Forming Machine:
Pouch cell cases with adjustable depth

Moulding pressure: Max. 1T
Forming accuracy: ±0.05mm

Top Side sealing machine:

Upper mold soft sealing temperature: standard 200℃
Lower mold temperature: standard 160℃-200℃
Packaging time: standard 2S-3S (0-99s)
Sealing knife made of copper
Power: 1.7KW

Vacuum Heating Final Sealing Machine:
Sealing head temp: Room temp - 250℃,
Temp accuracy: ±1.5℃
Heat sealing pressure: 0~7Kg/cm2

3 in 1 Vacuum sealing machine:
Max. Power – 500W Temperature accuracy: ±2℃ Heat sealing pressure:0-7Kg/cm2,
Sealing Head made of copper

Biologic BCS 72 channel battery cycler:
8 BCS-805 modules for coin cell testing and one BCS-815 module for Pouch cell testing.
Maximum current range: ±150 mA
Control resolution: Down to 800 pA
Voltage Range: 0 V to 10 V
Control resolution: 150 µV
EIS range: 10 kHz – 10 mHz
Maximum current range: ±15 A
Control resolution: Down to 80 nA
Voltage Range: 0 V to 9 V
Control resolution: 150 µV

Coin cell Fabrication Facility

Vacuum Oven:
Vacuum upto -600 mmHg
Maximum temperature 200℃

Hot Rolling Press Machine:
Heating upto 100℃
Least count on dial gauge – 0.01 mm

Manual punching machine:
Capable of punching disks with diameters
of 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm
and 20 mm.

Automatic Film Coater and Drier:
Vacuum chuck for holding substrate
Coater screw gauge least count – 0.01mm
Hot air blower with temperature control , fan speed
control, and timer.

Thinky Mixer ARE 310 Centrifugal

Maximum mixing and defoaming
RPM – 2000 and 2200 respectively
Programmable, with internal memory
for upto 5 different mixing and
defoaming sequences.

Electric coin cell crimping machine:
Has crimping and decrimping mode with separate dies

Jacomex GP-Concept and GP-Campus gloveboxes:
  • 6 glove capacity
  • Capable of maintaining O2 and H2O levels <1 PPM
  • Large activated charcoal filter for enabling solvent work.
  • Integrated Spin coater attached with external pedal control.

  • Parstat MC Potentiostat with PMC1000 module:
    Specifications- Has crimping and decrimping mode with separate dies
  • Compliance Voltage ± 12 V
  • Polarization Voltage ± 10 V,
  • Standard Maximum Current 2 A
  • Standard Lowest Current Range 4 nA,
  • Number of Current Ranges 10 ranges
  • EIS Frequency Range 1 MHz to 10 µHz
  • Data Acquisition Rate 500 kS/sec (2 µs)

  • Solar simulator integrated in glove-box system for in-situ photovoltaic characterization of solar cells.
    (In Dr. Ashish Garg's Clean room)

    Glove box system with integrated spin coater, thermal annealing and multi source thermal evaporator for fabrication of Organic and Perovskite solar cells.
    (In Dr. Ashish Garg's Clean room)

    External quantum efficiency measurement for photophysical and optoelectronic characterization of solar cells and photodiodes with electrical bias and from 300 to 1100 nm wavelength range.
    (In Dr. Raju Gupta's Lab)

    Cryostat equipped capacitance and impedance spectroscopy with temperature range of 70K to 500K
    (In Dr. Raju Gupta's Lab)

    Physical vapor deposition/sputtering system with ultra high vacuum for electrical contact deposition on optoelectronic devices.