• Meta-Materials
  • Microwave Antennas
  • Microwave Metamaterial Absorbers
  • Microwave Metamaterial Cloaking
  • Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FD-TD) Technique
  • Electromagnetics

    Ms. Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay has received Best Paper Award (2nd Position) in Student Category for her paper titled ‘Reduction of RCS of a Series Fed Linear Array Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Conductors’ authored by Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay, Rahul Kumar Jaiswal, Ranjit Kumar Dutta, and Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava, at IEEE Microwaves, Antennas, and Propagation Conference (MAPCON-2023), held during December 11–14, 2023, in Ahmedabad.

    An Indian Patent with Patent Number 445111 has been granted to Prof. Srivastava group. The title of patent is "Protective Layer for Microwave Metamaterial Absorbers and Method Thereof," The inventors are Ms. Kajal Chaudhary, Prof. Janakarajan Ramkumar, Prof. S. Anantha Ramakrishna, Prof. Praveen C. Ramamurthy and Prof. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava.

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