Calcutta Logic Circle (CLC)

 Annual Workshops


2014 (Logic and its Applications)

2013 (Logic and Cognition; Celebrating 25 years of CLC)         

2012 (Celebrating the Alan Turing Year) 

2011 (Logic and its Applications)         

2010             2009             2008   (Logic and Cognition)            2007   (On Gödel)

2005   (Logic and Semantics)  [lecture details:    W. Hodges    B. Löwe    T. Poston]

2004   (Logic, Philosophy and Applications)        2003   (Logic and Artificial Intelligence)      2002   (Modal logic and Applications)

2001   (Logic,  Automata  and Modelling)           2000   (Logic and Applications)                     1999   (Complexity, Logic and Applications)                                           




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