Mathematics I
MTH 101A
2016-'17, I semester 



P. Shunmugaraj
Instructor In-charge
FB 519, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,


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Important dates
Seating arrangement

Answer books/sheets distribution schedule

Class List



Tutors for Tutorial Sessions:

1.     A1 - A3:    Dr.  T. Muthukumar, e-mail:

  1. A4 - A6:    Dr.  Parasar Mohanty, e-mail:
  2. A7 - A9:    Dr.  Akhash Anand, e-mail:
  3. A10-A12:  Dr.  Abhijit Pal , e-mail:
  4. B1 - B3:    Dr.  Arvind Lal,
  5. B4 - B6:    Dr.  G. Santhanam,
  6. B7 - B9:    Dr.  Ashish Mandal, e-mail:
  7. B10-B12:  Dr.  Sasmita Patnaik, e-mail:

                                  Biographies of famous Mathematicians

History of Mathematics

Famous Curves

















Timings for Lectures,  Tutorials and Office Hours:


Venue: L7  for  both Section A and  Section B

Time: Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00 to 10:50 ( For 'B ' Sections )

           Mon, Wed, Fri 16:00 to 16:50 ( For 'A' Sections )


Venue: L3 (A1-A3), L4 (A4-A6)  L5 (A7-A9),  L6 (A10-A12),   L3 (B1-B3),   L4 (B4-B6) and L5 (B7-B9), L6 (B10-B12).

Time: Thursday 16:00  to 16:50 ( For 'A ' Sections )
           Tuesday 10.00   to 10:50 ( For 'B' Sections )

Office Hours:

  1. A1 - A3:   Tuesday, 12:00-1300. hrs      
  2. A4 - A6:   Monday, 9:00-10:00 hrs           
  3. A7 - A9:   Friday, 11:00-12:00 hrs                
  4. A10-A12: Friday, 12:00-13:00 hrs     
  5. B1 - B3:    Thursday, 11:00-1300 hrs        
  6. B4 - B6:    Monday, 16:00-17:00 hrs    
  7. B7 - B9:   Friday, 14:00-15:00 hrs   
  8. B10-B12: Thursday, 11:00-12:00hrs


Text Book: Thomas' Calculus, 12th edition.

Several copies of the text book have been kept on reserve section in Kelkar library. Lecture wise notes of all lectures will be  available on this site.  

Course Material:

Lecture-wise notes of all lectures, assignments, practice problems with Hints/solutions and course plan will be  available on this course web site:
Some proofs in the lecture notes and some problems in the Practice Problems are marked (*). Such proofs and problems will not be asked in the exams and Quizzes.

Hard copies of the lecture notes will be available to the students to make copies.

Tutorial  class and office hours
Tutorial  classes and office hours are primarily meant for problem solving and discussion on the material covered in the lectures. The assignment problems  will be discussed in the problem solving classes (Tutorial classes).   Practice problems given on the web site and the exercises given in the text book are usually not discussed in the tutorial classes and the students are expected to solve these problems. However, the students can approach the tutors or the instructor if they have any difficulty in solving such problems.

Evaluation plan

There will be two quizzes. Each one will be of 20 minutes duration and 15 marks. There will be one mid-semester examination which will be of 2 hours duration and 70 marks. End Semester Examination will be of 3 hours duration and 100 marks. There will be no make-up for mid semester exam or Quizzes. However, a student who is going to miss the mid semester exam due to illness or some other valid reason should contact the instructor in-charge before the exam (or after the exam in case of medical reasons).