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Map of India showing the location of Kanpur

Located alongside the Grand Trunk Road (Calcutta to New Delhi) IIT Kanpur is nearly 16kms away from the Kanpur central railway station. Being located on the national corridor of railways the city of Kanpur is well connected with the rest of India by rail services.

Trains to Kanpur

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It is better to catch Lucknow Shatabdi Exp. (Tain no. 2036) leaving Delhi at 6:15am and reaching Kanpur at 11:20am. Tickets for Chair car and Executive class are usually available on the New Delhi Railway Station also (ticket counter is outside exit from Platform no. 14). Ticket counter opens at 4:30am till 6:00am for this train.

Else one can also faster trains like Rajdhani Trains (please see RJDHNI or RJDHANI or RAJDHANI beside train name in this list)

For Foreign visitors-
You may take a flight to New Delhi/Calcutta/Bombay and then a flight to Lucknow. From Lucknow taxi takes about 2 hours to reach Kanpur. Alternatively you may take a train from Delhi to Kanpur. It is advisable to take a train from Delhi to Kanpur. There are some good trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi that run from Delhi to Kanpur which require prior booking of seat. All the foreign participants are requested to send their travel information.

* Please note: (For all those participants who will come in train to Kanpur)

After getting down at Kanpur Central railway station, take exit from platform no. 1 and hire a taxi or an auto to IIT Kanpur Campus. The fare is about:

Fare of Taxi : Rs. 170/-
Fare of Auto: Rs. 105/- (pre-paid)


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