Rajesh M. Hegde

Office: ACES 203-B, Dept. of Electrical Engg., IIT Kanpur India
Labs ACES 203, 204 : MiPS Lab,WSN Lab MiPS Lab (For access inside IIT-K)
Phone: +91-512-259-6248 (Off) 
Fax: +91-512-259-0063
Email: rhegde@iitk.ac.in

Rajesh M Hegde is currently Associate Professor in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. His areas of interest include speech, audio, vision, multimodal information fusion, and wireless sensor networks. He also has considerable interests in pervasive and mobile computing. Prior to this, he was a researcher and lecturer  at the California Inst. of Telecommunications and Information Technology (University of California San Diego) and associated with the DSP Lab.

imagesBroad Band Applications for Model Village (Photos) (Economic Times Telecom - Interview)
imagesSMS Compression for Indian Languages 
imagesMOOC on Mobiles for Development :   Speech Technology for Mobile Phones 
imageDigital Mandi for Odisha Launch, OTV News Coverage
imageDigital Mandi for Indian Kisan Launch, Coverage in The Hindu
imageDigital Mandi for  Haryana Launch
imageSpeech based Systems at India Telecom
imageSocially Relevant Computing - Article in Directions
imagesPK Kelkar Batch of 1982 Research Fellowship Award

 Research Interests

  • Sensor Array and Multi channel Signal processing
  • Multi microphone Speech Processing and Distant Speech Recognition
  • ICT in Agricultural Applications and Emergency Response
  • Localization and Mapping in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Pervasive Computing and Communication
  • Spatial Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality 
  • Multimodal Signal Processing and Information Fusion      
  • Speech Signal Processing and Recognition of Indian Languages

Research Labs

Selected Past Affiliations



System Demos

  • Digital Mandi for The Indian Kisan
  • Intelligent Video  Retreival on Cell phone
  • Speech based Camera Steering System (Rapid Prototype developed on NI CompaqRIO)
  • AVSR (with Intel Libraries)
  • CaL-SAT (A multi modalsituation aware computing prototype)
  • CaL-SAT Integrated with Rich Feeds

Signal Processing Pointers

  • HTK
  • SRI STAR Lab
  • CMU