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Image Apprentice
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Current Version:


  • FAQ - Image Apprentice (pdf)

  • FAQ - Image Apprentice Plugin Development Kit (pdf)

  • A 5 step guide to build Image Apprentice Plugins (pdf)

  • Image Processing ? The Programming Fundamentals (pdf)

Developer Contributed Plugins (Link)
  • FFT Plugin Performs 2D Fast Fourier Transform of images of any dimension (MIT's FFTW based, with source code).

Image Apprentice is a C/C++ based Image Processing Learner?s Toolkit. Students use it as a companion to their favourite Image Processing Textbook. It allows one to use self-written image processing algorithms as plugins.

It comes with a Plugin Development Kit (PDK) that has a skeleton code having a simple coding style. A student who has attended a 101-level course in C/C++ programming is well-equipped to write an Image Processing plugin for Image Apprentice using Visual C++.

Nightly build of 'ia.exe' is the version that is being continuously updated at the lab. It is expected to be more rebust/bug-free. You may replace it with the one you are currently using.

Note: Nightly builds are done for the the Image Apprentice Application only. The Plugin Development Kit (PDK) is bug-free. You just have to replace your 'ia.exe' file with the nightly build and the old/previous plugins are usable with it.

Video: ADISL's Image Apprentice

  • Update (May 01, '06 11:10 PM): We have a new icon!

  • Update (Mar 31, '06 11:10 PM): A small bug in closing the histogram and information window found. Closing wasn't being reflected in the corresponding main menu/toolbar button. Corrected.

  • Update (Mar 07, '06 1:30 AM): FFT Plugin Sample is being discontinued because we now have a FFT Plugin that utilizes FFTW, MIT's Fast Fourier Transform Library (Look for link in Developer Contributed Plugin section on left). Highly recommended.

  • Update (Feb 23, '06 4:20 AM): Feature enhancement. FFT Plugin Sample (under testing) added.
    # Image Information window added

  • Update (Feb 01, '06 2:00 PM): Feature enhancement. Bug Fixing.
    # Histogram Window enhanced. Looks much better now. :o)
    # Minor bug in a counter removed.

  • Update (Jan 31, '06 9:00 PM): New Version released. Nightly Build of Image Apprentice (version uploaded.
    Features added: Histogram Window added.

  • Update (Jan 9, '06 4:15 AM): Image Apprentice (version uploaded.

  • Update (Jan 3, '06 2:20 AM): Few minor bugs found. Removal going on. Let's postpone things till today's tutorial.

  • Update (Jan 3, '06 1:36 AM): 20-30 minutes work remaining. But we need coffee. Please bear!

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