Post Doc

PhD Students

  • Joy Das Bairagya
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    Research interest: Evolution of Rationality.
  • Vikash Kumar Dubey
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    Research interest: Evolutionary Bimatrix Games.
  • Prosanta Mandal
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    Research interest: Repeated Games.
  • Samrat Sohel Mondal
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    Research interest: Eco-evolutionary Game Dynamics.
  • Arunava Patra
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    Research interest: Bayesian Game Dynamics.
  • Prosenjit Roy
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    Research interest: Evolutionary Foraging Models.

Past PhD Students

  • Suman Chakraborty
    Thesis Title: Manifestations of point mutations in evolutionary games through replicator dynamics
    Start-date—Submission-date: 01 February 2019 — 22 April 2024
    [Awaiting PhD thesis defence]
  • Shailendra Kumar Rathor
    Thesis Title: Spatial and temporal statistics of rotating turbulence: A dynamical system approach
    Start-date—Submission-date: 01 August 2013 — 31 May 2022
    [Subsequently joined as Post-Doc at Fluid Mechanics Group, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany]
  • Anurag
    Thesis Title: Exploring order-chaos-order in low dimensional Hamiltonian systems
    Start-date—Submission-date: 22 Jul 2017 — 28 Jan 2022
    [Subsequently joined as Assistant Professor at Department of Physics, Manipal University Jaipur, India]
  • Shubhadeep Sadhukhan
    Thesis Title: Coevolution of synchronization and cooperation in coupled map lattices
    Start-date—Submission-date: 02 Jan 2017 — 04 Jan 2022
    [Subsequently joined as Post-Doc at Department of Chemical and Biological Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel]
  • Archan Mukhopadhyay
    Thesis Title: Nonconvergent outcomes in the evolutionary game theory: A case study of replicator dynamics
    Start-date—Submission-date: 12 Jan 2016 — 06 Apr 2021
    [Subsequently joined as Post-Doc at School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; Currently, SERB-National Postdoctoral Fellow (NPDF) at Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc Bangalore, India]
  • Rohitashwa Chattopadhyay
    Thesis Title: A Hamiltonian approach to the van der Pol oscillator: Perturbation techniques and the Hannay angle
    Start-date—Submission-date: 23 Jul 2014 — 28 Dec 2020
    [Subsequently joined as Post-Doc at Theoretical Physics Group, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India; Presently Post-Doc at Department of Theoretical Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India]
  • Manohar Kumar Sharma
    Thesis Title: Statistical properties of rotating turbulence
    Start-date—Submission-date: 27 Jul 2013 — 01 Dec 2019
    [Subsequently joined as Post-Doc in Geodynamo Group, ISTerre, University of Grenoble Alpes, France]
  • Anupam Ghosh
    Thesis Title: Comprehending occasional uncoupling induced chaotic synchronization
    Start-date—Submission-date: 28 Jul 2014 — 02 Aug 2019
    [Subsequently joined as Post-Doc at Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India; Currently Scientist at Department of Complex Systems, Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic]
  • Himanshu Gupta
    Thesis Title: Fluid instabilities in inhomogeneous intracluster medium
    Start-date—Submission-date: 29 Dec 2013 — 27 Feb 2018
    [Subsequently left academics to pursue entrepreneurship]

Other Past Members

  • Aman Kumar Singh (Post Doctoral Fellow, 25 Jan 2020 — 24 Jan 2022)
  • Varsha Sunil Pawar (Project Associate, 08 Feb 2018 — 06 Feb 2019)
  • Sourabh Mittal (Project Associate, 01 Nov 2017 — 31 Jul 2019)
  • Tirth Shah (Project Associate, 04 Aug 2017 — 18 Jan 2018)
  • Anya Chaudhuri (Senior Project Scientist, 01 Nov 2016 — 30 Apr 2017)
  • Varun Pandit (Project Associate, 16 Jul 2016 — 10 Sep 2016)
  • Manu Mannattil (Project Associate, 01 Sep 2014 — 06 Oct 2015)