Santosha Pattanayak
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

IIT Kanpur

Office    FB- 502
Tel        +91-512-2596402
Fax       +91-512-2597500
Email     santosha@iitk.ac.in

  • Algebraic Groups and Invariant Theory.
  • Lie algebras and Representation Theory.

  • Professor: IIT Kanpur; January 2023-...
  • Associate Professor: IIT Kanpur; November 2018-December 2022
  • Assistant Professor: IIT Kanpur; December '13-October 18
  • Visiting Professor: Virginia Tech, USA: January' 17-July' 17
  • Adjunct Professor: Chennai Mathematical Institute; April' 15-...
  • Assistant Professor: NISER Bhubaneswar; August '13- December '13
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Weizmann Institute of Science; Aug '11- Aug '13

  • Ph.D: Chennai Mathematical Institute (2011)
  • MSc: Hyderabad University (2005)


  • Projective normality of finite group quotients (With S. S. Kannan and Pranab Sardar), Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 137 (2009), no. 3, 863-867.
  • Torus quotients of homogeneous spaces- minimal dimensional Schubert Varieties admitting semistable points (With S. S. Kannan), Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. Math. Sci.  119 (2009), no.4,  469-485.
  • Projective Normality of Weyl Group quotients (With S. S. Kannan), Proc. Indian. Acad. Sci. Math. Sci. 121 (2011), no. 1, pp. 19-26.
  • Normality, Projective normality and EGZ theorem (With S. S. Kannan), INTEGERS: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory, Vol 11 (2011).
  • On some standard algebras in Modular Invariant theory, J. Algebra Appl., Vol. 13, no. 1 (2014).
  • Torus Invariants of the Homogeneous Coordinate Ring of G/B-Connection with Coxeter Elements (With S.S. Kannan and B.N. Chary), Comm. Algebra, Vol. 42, no. 5 (2014).
  • Minimal Schubert Varieties admitting semistable points for exceptional cases,
    Comm. Algebra, Vol. 42, no. 9 (2014).  finalstrings, C-code
  • Projective normality of GIT quotient varieties modulo finite groups (With Pallav Goyal), Comm. Algebra, Vol. 45, no. 7 (2017).
  • Torus quotients of Richardson varieties (With S. S. Kannan and S. Upadhyay), Comm. Algebra, Vol. 46, no. 3 (2018).
  • Torus quotients of Richardson varieties in orthogonal and symplectic Grassmannian (With Arpita Nayek), J. Algebra Appl. (2019).
  • Projective Normality of torus quotient of Grassmannian (With Arpita Nayek), Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (2020).
  • On Torus quotient of Schubert varieties (With B.N. Chary), International Journal of Mathematics, 32, no 3 (2021).
  • On the uniqueness of branching to fixed point Lie subalgebras, (With N Santosh), Forum Mathematicum-2022-0128.
  • A note on Branching of $V(\rho)$ (with N Santosh), Journal of Algebra, Volume 594, 2022, 194-201.
  • Quotients of commuting schemes associated to symmetric pairs (with N Santosh), Submitted.
  • Weyl Modules for Toroidal Lie algebras (with Sachin Sharma and S. Mukherjee), Algebra and Representation Theory, Volume 26, 2023, 2605-2626.
  • On some central operators on classical Lie superalgebras (with Sachin Sharma and S. Mukherjee), Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Volume 228, Issue 7, 2024 .
  • Graded picture invariants and polynomial invariants for mixed tensor superspaces (with Preena Samuel), Submitted.
  • Projective Normality of torus quotient of orthogonal and symplectic Grassmannian (With Arpita Nayek). Preprint.
  • Mixed tensor invariants of the Lie color algebras (with Preena Samuel), Preprint.
  • On tensor products of typical representations of Lie superalgebras (with Abhishek Das), Submitted.
  • Subtorus quotient of Grassmannians, Preprint.
  • Topological K-theory of Peterson varieties, Preprint.


   (1) Problem Committee Member: Simon-Marai Mathematics Competition (Asia Paciifc).

   (2) Regional Coordinator (North Zone): Mathematics Olympiad Program.


Harish-Chandra Birth Centenary Celebration at IIT Kanpur


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