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Professor ( Theoretical Physics)
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology
IIT Kanpur 208016

Phones: +91-512-259 7139 (Office)
 +91-512-259 7641 (Dept. Secretariat)
  9935165614 (Cellphone)
Fax: +91-512-259 0914 (Department)
Email:  sengupta@iitk.ac.in
Research Areas:
String Theory and Quantum Gravity, AdS-CFT Correspondence and Holography, General Theory of Relativity, Black Hole Thermodynamics and Critical Phenomena,
Current Research Interests:
Holographic Quantum Entanglement Entropy and Entanglement Thermodynamics, AdS-CFT Condensed Matter Physics Correspondence. Holographic Superconductors. Black Hole Thermodynamics. Thermodynamic Geometries, Phase Transitions Critical and Supercritical Phenomena
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Teaching Interests:
Classical and Analytical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Classical Field Theory, Special and General Theory of Relativity, Black Hole Physics and Thermodynamics, Quantum Field Theories, Gauge Theories, String Theories and Conformal Field Theories.

Current Teaching 2015-16 Semester I
Advanced General Relativity and BLack Holes PHY 690M

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