A Training School on
Aerosol-Cloud Interactions and Microphysical Processes 
(Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi)
March 7 - 15, 2009


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Important Dates


Last date for receiving application
15th January, 2009


Confirmation of participation
20th January, 2009

Date of Registration
7th March, 2009


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Course Content



1.   Cloud Thermodynamics

2.   Aerosol Microphysics-Theory

Gas-to-particle Conversion (Nucleation Theories)

Condensational Growth


3.    Aerosol Instrumentation

Optical Techniques

Electrical Techniques, Photo Acoustic Techniques

4.   Cloud Microphysics-Theory

                                 Cloud Droplet Activation (Modified Kohler Theory)

                                 Cloud Droplet Growth

                                 Droplet-Droplet Interaction (Collision and Coalescence)

5.   Ice Microphysics-Theory

        Homogeneous Nucleation

        Heterogeneous Nucleation

        Ice Growth and Ice-Ice and Ice-Liquid Droplet Interaction

6.     Cloud Instrumentation

        Cloud Condensation Nucleus Counter

        Cloud Droplet Probe, Cloud Imaging Probe, Liquid Water Content

7.   Case Study-ICARB and CTCZ Pilot Experiment   

        Ground Based Measurements

        Aircraft Measurements

        Ground Based Radiometers

8.  Aerosol-Cloud Interactions and Numerical Modelling

        Aerosol Microphysical Models

        Cloud Microphysical Models

9.   Global Simulations

        Cumulus Parameterization schemes

        GCM Simulations of Aerosol Direct Effects

        GCM Simulations of Aerosol Indirect Effects








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Design by: Saurabh Bajpayee