Rajiv Shekhar

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Materials Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur, U.P., 208016
Ph: +91-512-259-7016
e-mail: vidtan@iitk.ac.in


  1. “Establishing a centre of excellence in solar thermal research and education at IIT Jodhpur,” MNRE, September 2011 - August 2016, 40 crores, (with several faculty from IIT Jodhpur). Was PI(Project Investigator) till November 2013.
  2. “Development of the International Center for Application of Solar Energy Technologies,” Asian Development Bank, January 2012 - June 2014, US$200,000, (with L. Chandra of IIT Jodhpur). Was PI till November 2013.
  3. “Development of magnetic field sensors based on metallic multilayers with high magnetoresistive sensitivity,” ARMREB (DRDO), October 2007 - September 2009, 22.65 lakhs (with Prof. M. Katiyar).
  4. “Aqueous Nitriding of Steels by Electrolyte Plasma: Kinetics, Design, and Scale-up,” DST, New Delhi, August 2007 - March 2010 (with R. C. Sharma and Prof. R. K. Thareja),Rs. 18.27 lakhs
  5. “Molten salt electrodeposition of rare-earths and actinides,” BRNS, DAE, of India, June 2004 - March 2008, Rs. 21.16 lakhs.
  6. “Electroremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils: Pilot-Scale Studies for Technology Development,” MHRD, of India, April 2003 - March 2005, Rs. 8 lakhs.
  7. “Electrodeposition of magnetic multilayers with high giant magnetoresistance,” ARMREB (DRDO), November 2002 - October 2005. (with Prof. M. Katiyar).
  8. “The analysis of fused deposition through electrochemical discharge,” DST, New Delhi, April 2002 - March 2005 (with A. Ghosh)
  9. "Electroremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil: Design, scaleup and optimisation," CSIR, New Delhi, April 2000 - March 2003 (in collaboration with Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneshwar).
  10. “Design and development of shaped tube pulse electrochemical machining for drilling deep microholes in inconel alloys,” DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi, April 2001 - March 2003 (with V. K. Jain).
  11. "Studies on magnetohydrodynamics in electrically driven melt flow," DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi, April 1995 - March 2001 (with S. P. Mehrotra).
  12. “Reclamation of values from industrial wastes and effluents," AICTE, New Delhi, April 1995 - March 1999 (with S. P. Mehrotra).
  13. "Design, scaleup and optimisation of Pachuca tanks," BRNS, Department of Atomic Energy, April 1992 - June 1995 (with Prof. S. P. Mehrotra).


  1. “Identification of suitable business opportunities,” Shree Cements Ltd., Kolkata, Rs. 6.35 lakhs, April 2010 - September 2010.
  2. “Modelling of the electrorefining cell in the pyroprocessing demonstration facility,” IGCAR, Kalapakkam, 15.0 lakhs, April 2008 - March 2010.
  3. “Determining the commercial feasibility of manufacturing silicon and a mineral-related plant,” Shree Cements Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, Rs. 1.34 lakhs, March 2008 - October 2008.
  4. “Day ahead auction software for power exchange,” National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), Mumbai, Rs. 5.0 lakhs, October 2006 - February 2007 (with Prof. P. K. Kalra).
  5. “Prefeasibilty studies for identifying training needs by electric distribution utilities,” Institute of International Education (IIE), Washington, D.C. (U.S.A.), Rs. 5.0 lakhs, May 2004 (with Prof. P. K. Kalra).
  6. "Development of an integrated software platform for evaluating Environmental Impact Assessment reports of thermal power plants," Infrastructure Development and Finance Company, Mumbai, 8.0 lakhs, August 2000 - August 2002.
  7. "Achieving refractory consumption of international benchmark level in integrated steel plants," RDCIS, SAIL, Ranchi, Rs. 13.0 lakhs, October 1999 - June 2002 (with Prof. N. N. Kishore and Prof. P. K. Kalra).
  8. “Use of slotted anodes to achieve power saving in pots of HINDALCO,” Accenture , New Delhi, Rs. 0.75 lakhs, January 2001 - February 2001.