Courses Taught

Undergraduate Level (UG)
  1. TA101: Engineering Graphics

  2. CE 251: Engineering Materials and Laboratory

  3. CE 341A: Communication for Civil Engineering Students

  4. CE382: Transportation Engineering

  5. CE453: Civil Engineering Design and Construction

  6. CE481: Traffic Safety

Postgraduate Level (PG)
  1. CE682: Analysis and Design of Transportation Infrastructure

  2. CE683: Traffic Engineering

  3. CE684: Urban Transportation System

  4. CE688: Airport Systems Planning and Design

  5. CE690: Transportation Engineering Laboratory

  6. CE643B: Infrastructure Financing

Course Development

New Courses
  • Traffic Safety: Developed as a UG and PG elective course

  • Transportation Economics: Developed as a PG course

  • Infrastructure Financing: Developed as a PG course

  • Urban Transportation: Developed as a PG course