During my high school, science gravitated me toward it, so I took the initiative to merge down in the field of engineering. Upon further exploration in life, intrigued by the world’s infrastructure, I decided to pursue Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Himachal Pradesh Technical University. After that, I did Master's in Geological technology which encompasses the application of remote sensing and geomorphology in analyzing the risk involved in different types of natural hazards. Subjects in my master’s degree and my interest towards remote sensing made me philomath so I ended up pursuing Ph.D. in Geoinformatics. During my Ph.D. tenure, I want to explore the application the different space-geodetic techniques to analyze Earth’s rotation. I have been granted an Ernst Mach Scholarship-worldwide to continue my comprehensive research at TU Wien, Austria for nine months.


Teaching Assistantship

2023-24 1st Semester:
  • CE331A Geoinformatics
2021-22 1st Semester:
  • CE678A Physical Geodesy
November 2021:
  • Introduction to GNSS and its Applications
February 2021:
  • Winter School on Physical Geodesy and its Applications
  • 2020-21
  • 2021-2022 2nd Semester:
  • CE674A Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • CE675B Global Navigation Satellite Systems for Surveying and Mapping
2018-19 2nd Semester:
  • ES648A Instrumentation in Earth Sciences (Sedimentology Lab)
2018-19 1st Semester:
  • ES655A Solid Earth Geophysics


  1. Guest lecture at National Institute of Technology Warangal, India on "Understanding Earth's Rotation through Space Geodetic Techniques". 2023
  2. Delivered lecture on "Earth rotation and Geodynamic processes" to Survey of India personnel. 2022
  3. Expert talk at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Haryana, India on "State-of-the-art techniques for observing Earth from Space". 2021
  4. Delivered lecture on "Introduction to VLBI and importance of dUT1" and instructed lab on geodetic astronomy to Survey of India personnel. 2021