Dr. Gaurav Joshi
Project Post-Doc

Joined: 2021
Ph.D., 2019 (University of Lucknow)
I use field studies, structural analysis, optical and electron microscopy and magnetic fabrics to understand the structural evolution of impact craters and thrusts systems in the Himalayas.

Ms. Sonal Tiwari
PhD candidate

Joined: 2020
M.Sc., 2018 (University of Lucknow)

Research Topic: Understanding the deformation of the target rocks due to hypervelocity meteoritic impact.

Mr. Pradyut Phukon
PhD candidate

Joined: 2021
M.Sc., 2020 (Dibrugarh University)

Research Topic: Flow sense and emplacement setting of the Mid-Norwegian continental margin basalts.

Mr. Ambrish Kumar Pandey
PhD candidate

Joined: 2021
M.Tech., 2021 (IIT Kanpur)

Research Topic: Origin and emplacement of impact melt at Dhala Impact structure, India.

Mr. Gourab Dey
PhD candidate

Joined: 2022
M.Sc., 2021 (IIT Kharagpur)

Research Topic: A rock magnetic approach to investigate the evolution of the Ramgarh impact structure, Rajasthan.

Mr. Swastik Suman Behera
PhD candidate

Joined: 2023
BS-MS, 2022 (IISER Kolkata)


Mr. Harsh Verma
M.Tech. student

Joined: 2024
MSc Lucknow University

Research Topic: Effects of shock waves on spectral parameters


Mr. Hitesh Arunagiri
MS student

Joined: 2024

Research Topic: Modelling Ejecta Distribution in Impact Craters


Former group members

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gautam

Post Doc, 2021-2022
Research Title: Thermomechanical characterization of Jalore granites.
Present Position: Post Doc in Colorado School of Mines.

Mr. Raghwendra Shukla

PhD candidate 2021-2022

Present Position: Geologist at Atomic Mineral Division, India.

Mr. Sachin Kumar

M.Tech. 2022

M.Tech. Thesis Title: Quantification of damage due to shock wave by using x-ray diffraction.

Mr. Earth Sugandhi

MS. 2023
M.S. Thesis Title: Effects of Hugoniot properties on jet onset conditions.

Mr. Rajit Das

MS 2024
Research Topic: Efficacy of classical and spectroscopic techniques for strain quantification in weakly shocked rocks: results from experimentally impacted Taunus quartzite.


Mr. Harun Rashid

Joined: 2023 (M.Tech. thesis)

Research Topic: The evolution of Lonar ejecta blanket over time.

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