Senior Research Fellow (SRF)

Research Interest:


Nitish Arya Email:
Research Interest: Non-reacting supersonic flows, turbulence modeling for fluid flow problems
Bharat Bhatia Email:
Research Interest: Spray modeling, Turbulence-Chemistry Interaction, DNS of Jets in Coflow, Turbulence Modelling
Mayank Verma Email:
Research Interest: Fluid Structure Interaction, Rocket Nozzle flow Separation, RANS, LES modelling of supersonic flows
Anurag Adityanarayan Ray Email:
Research Interest: Hypersonic intakes
Sreejita Bhaduri Email:
Research Interest: High Speed Aerodynamics (Acoustics)
Abhishek Sharma (External, LPSC) Email:
Research Interest: Combustion Instabilities, LES


Aviral Sharma Email:
Research Interest: Flapping Foils


Akhil Aravind Email:
Research Interest: Immersed Boundary method, FSI
Tom Johny Email:
Research Interest: Atomization & Spray modelling
Rahul Trivedi Email:
Research Interest: Computational study of high speed flows, Acoustics
Shourya Gupta Email:
Research Interest: Hypersonic Shock wave boundary layer interaction

Assistant Project Manager

Ankit Upadhyay Email:

Former Members

Number of Post-doctoral scholars: 01 Number of PhD students: 06 Number of Master's students: 37
Atul Kumar Soti Faculty at IIT Guwahati, India
Pradeep Kumar S Post-doctoral Scholar at Univ. of Iwoa, USA
Gaurav Kumar Post-doctoral Scholar at IISc, Bangalore, India
Gaurav Kumar Post-doctoral Scholar at IIT Kanpur, India
Jithin M (Trivundrum) Faculty at Private Engg. College, India
Rahul Kumar Soni GE Global Research, Bangalore
Sajag Poudel Pursuing PhD in USA
Vijayamanikandan V Pursuing PhD in KAUST, UAE
Sindhuja Priyadarshini Pursuing PhD in India (IISc, IITs)
Ahilan K Pursuing PhD in India (IISc, IITs)
Mitesh Thakor Tata Advanced System
Amit Kumar (PEC) Faculty at Govt. Engg. College, India
Sivakumar S Research Associate
Gokulakrishnan Seethapathy Tridiagonal Solutions
Rajkumar Yadav Startup
Shubham Onave Startup
Saravana Kumar Renault-Nissan Technology and Business Centre India Private Ltd
Arpita Das VSSC/LPSC
Rupesh Sinha VSSC/LPSC
Mohd. Hanzla Farhan IOCL
Piyush Chettri Indian Army
Vivek S Tata Advanced System
Rohit Saini Pursuing PhD from USA
Pratik Das Pursuing PhD in USA
Arun Kumar GE
Vishal Khairnar Startup
Akshay Dongre Pursuing PhD in USA
Vijaypal Negi Startup
Rohit Bhaya Accenture
Abhishek Jaiswal Flipkart
Shashank Sharma Startup
Manedhar Reddy, Suresh Valaji VEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Arun Govind Neelam Pursuing PhD in India (IISc, IITs)
Sudarshan Kumar Pursuing PhD in USA
Vivek Pandey Faculty at Pvt. Engineering College India
Swetha Prakash Eaton
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