We as a research group have the expertise in experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics. We work primarily in unsteady flow problems in incompressible and compressible regime using Flow visualization and modern optical measurement methods such as PIV, PLIF and BOS. To unravel mysteries in fundamental fluid mechanics the active area of research are Biomimicry, Instability and transition in shear flows, circular and non-circular vortex rings and cylones. In the developmental front we address issues related to measurement system such as tomographic BOS, efficient aerodynamic designs using biomimicry, Flapping Wing UAV and developing environment friendly novel wind turbines

Curiosity driven research is our passion and need based developemnt is our philosophy. Our group brings together curious people from different geographical and cultural backgrounds. We value creativity, honesty, passion, and collaboration and we endeavor to provide a welcoming and inclusive work environment to tackle some of the challenging research and development problems together.


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Research Outreach

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Courses Taught:

Departmental Core Courses (UG/PG):

AE211, AE311, AE610, AE612, AE201, AE601, AE361, SEE 601, SEE 614.

Departmental UG Lab:

AE351, AE451, SEE 605,

Institute Core:

Fluid Mech and Rate Processes (ESO204, 212) Three times Electives: AE614, AE381, AE621, AE627, AE611, AE 698, SEE-601A, SEE 614,

New courses:

AE611, SEE601A, SEE614


  1. Joint-Professor, IIT Kanpur

    2020 — Present

    Department of Sustainable Engineering

  2. Professor, IIT Kanpur

    2014 — Present

    Department of Aerospace Engineering

  3. Associate Professor, IIT Kanpur

    2009 — 2014

    Department of Aerospace Engineering

  4. Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur

    Dec, 2001 — 2009

    Department of Aerospace Engineering

  5. Sr. Research Scientist, NUS Singapore

    March, 2001 — December, 2001

    Department of Aerospace Engineering

  6. Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati

    July, 1998 — Aug, 1999

    Department of Mechanical Engineering


  1. Post Doctorate: University of Florida

    1999 — 2001

    Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

  2. PhD: Indian Institute of Scinece, Bangalore

    1992 — 1998

    Mechanical Engineering

  3. ME: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

    1990 — 1992

    Mechanical Engineering

  4. BE: Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur

    1986 — 1990

    Mechanical Engineering