Harmony, Interaction, and Versatile Exploration Lab

The HIVE Lab in the Department of Design, IIT Kanpur, provides necessary facility to build a product and enable interaction by human users. It focuses on Human Machine/Computer Interaction research in the domains of Automotive, Robotics, Music, AR/VR/XR, New Media and accessibility. The facility is equipped with SOTA sensors, actuators, trackers and simulators.

  • Mission - We design, engineer and research Human Machine Interfaces
  • Research - Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Robotics, Music Technology
  • Culture - We are inclusive and diverse Hive of bees
  • Human Computer/Machine Interaction

    We work on Human Machine Interaction (HMI) or Human Computer Interaction (HCI). We design and develop novel modalities for interacting with a machine/product.

    Automotive UI

    We are working on Multimodal interaction and alert system for drivers in cars. We also work on driver distraction and cognitive load estimation of drivers.

    Music Technology

    We investigate different musical interfaces for artists to perform by being more expressive. We work on multi seonsory music and investigate music therapy for rehabilatation.


    We work on different interaction techniques with robots (HRI). We investigate interaction for Social bots, office bots and autonmous navigation bots.

    New Media

    We work on interactive and immersive art installations through which we experience the impact of technology on humans and society.

    • All
    • Auto UI
    • Robotics
    • Music Technology
    • Immersive XP

    Multisensory Experience and Interaction

    Immersive XP

    Sound Design and Interaction

    Music Technology

    Multisensory Music

    Music Technology

    Human Robot Interaction


    Haptic alert system for drivers

    Auto UI