Graduate Students

·         PhD students, Dissertation title (Year of graduation)

-          Yesgat Admassu Lakew, Mechanical and fracture behavior of glass filled epoxy composites: Effect of filler shape, volume fraction and temperature (submitted in Jan 2016, under review)

-          Sarthak Sambit Singh, Fracture investigation in composite films using laser induced stress waves (2014-cont.)

-          Komal Chawla#, Study of micro-scale failure mechanisms in fiber composites (2014-cont.)

·         MTech students, Thesis title (Year of graduation)

-          Abdul Sayeed Khan#, Mechanical behavior and near crack-tip deformation of rubber material: experimental investigations and preliminary constitutive modeling (2015)

-          Survi Raghu Gaud, Effect of Resin/Hardener Ratio on the Dynamic Fracture of Epoxy System (2015)

-          Sudhakar Kumar#, Mechanical characterization of composite plates (2015)

-          Devendra Kumar, Measurement and Analysis of Interfacial Fracture Properties in Carbon Reinforced Epoxy Composite (2015)

-          Jainendra Kumar, Thermo- Mechanical Analysis Of Polymer Composite Using TMA ( 2014)

-          Amlesh Kumar Mall#, Thermal Analysis Of Polymer Composites Using DSC And TGA (2014)

-          A. Gayathri, Fracture investigation of bimaterials prepared with epoxy invariants (2013)

-          Vijay Kumar Surla, Buckling analysis of functionally graded columns (2013)

-          Deepak Kumar Behera, Investigation of interfacial fracture toughness of unidirectional fiber composite using DCB technique (2012)

-          N. Rajesh Kumar, Dynamic mechanical analysis of epoxy variant sandwich beams (2012)

-          M Rashid Jafar Ansari#, Finite element modeling of laminated composites using cohesive elements (2012)

-          Arpit Sharma#, Application of digital image correlation technique for measuring in-plane strains and out-of-plane rotations (2012)


# Co-advised students