Sustainable energy conversion systems are the crucial need of the hour due to increasing global energy demand and environmental impacts of conventional fossil-fuel-based technologies. Electrochemical energy conversion systems such as electrolyzers, fuel cells and batteries are promising technologies for future due to their high efficiency, easy scalability and no-noise operation. Although these are promising technologies, significant performance, durability, and cost optimizations are required before they can become mainstream technologies.

Functional porous media (e.g., electrodes) are at the core of these Electrochemical systems. In our lab we use a combination of fundamental and application based research in order to improve efficiency and cost of these systems.

  • Fundamental understanding of transport (mass, momentum and energy) and reaction kinetics in porous media at small length scales.
  • Develop state-of-the-art computational models for characterization and generation of porous media structures.
  • Use simulations and experimental studies to characterize fundamental properties of electrode materials.
  • Develop multi-scale and multi-physics computational models to perform system-level analysis and optimization.
  • Develop lab-scale and pilot-level prototypes of electrolyzers and fuel cells for energy conversion applications.

We leverage domain expertise in electrochemical methods, transport phenomena, and in computational tools like finite element modeling and machine learning.

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Lalit M. Pant

Assistant Professor
Sustainable Energy Engineering Department
IIT Kanpur

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