Design of Indigenous 5G Testbed

We have build a 5G testbed that incorporates millimeter Wave, massive MIMO and full-duplex technologies. The project is funded by Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Govt. of India. Complete hardware and software has been designed in-house from scratch, and based on our own intellectual property.

  • Designed at - IIT Madras, SAMEER Chennai, CEWiT Chennai, IIT Bombay,IIT Kanpur.

  • [Status] - Ongoing.

Overview Videos of the work being done in the 5G testbed Lab
  • Prime Minister praising our 5G testbed and standardization work in IITK 2021 Convocation! [Link]

  • Inside view of our 5G Testbed Lab : [Link].

  • Hardware being designed for the 5G base station: [Link].

  • Demo of the PCIex8 interface of baseband unit hardware: [Link].

  • Demo of the optical interface of baseband unit hardware: [Link].

  • Demo of the PUCCH receiver chain being developed: [Link].

Network architecture of the 5G testbed

  • Radio access network consisting of remote radio head, baseband unit and antennas

    • Designed at - IIT Madras, SAMEER Chennai, IIT Kanpur.

  • Core network

    • Designed at CEWiT Chennai, IIT Bombay.

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Remote radio head (RRH) details

  • Completely designed in-house

  • Can support 16,32,64 antennas

alt text 

Baseband unit (BBU)

  • Consists of BBU card and an off-the-shelf server

  • BBU card is is designed in-house with PCIe form factor

  • Communicates with RRH using optical eCPRI link

  • Each BBU can support nine different sectors

    • Can support cloud radio access network architecture by communicating with other BBU cards

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Core network

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Various tasks done in the project

  • Overview

alt text 
  • Set-up for testing the hardware being developed

alt text 
  • Snapshot of the BBU card

alt text 
  • BBU card integrated with the server

alt text 
  • Front view of the integrated BBU server unit

alt text 
  • BBU card being tested

alt text 
  • BBU card layout

alt text 
  • Eye diagram of BBU card PCI link

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  • Testing being done with Xilinx evaluation board

alt text 
  • Soldering station

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Visitors in the 5G lab

  • Dr Rhode of Rhode and Schwartz

    • Pleasantly surprised to know that the first version of the hardware designed was working

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  • TRAI chairman Dr. R. S. Sharma

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