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Experimental Rock Deformation Laboratory

The development of the laboratory is in progress. We have already set up most of the required facilities for the basic research.

Two major high pressure temperature experimental facilities are being developped in the workshops. We hope to install a high pressure (400 MPa) and temperature (1200 °C) gas medium deformation apparatus equipped with axial and torsion actuators by the end of June 2020. This instrument, an Institute Facility, is funded by my Swarnajayanti Fellowship. A 1500 kN triaxial high pressure (250 MPa) high temperature (200 °C) deformation apparatus for deforming large sample size (1.0 inch to 2.5 inch) is ready for shipment from the manufacturer's workshop. This instrument, dedicated to our rock physics related research and teaching, can also measure permeability, resistivity, seismic velocity and acoustic emission during the deformation.

We heavily use IIT Kanpur’s central facilities, particularly, Advanced Center for Material Science (ACMS), Advanced Imaging Center and Central Workshops.

The laboratory has several experimental facilities and related preparation kits. A list of such facilities with specifications can be found below. To use these facilities and know more about them, please contact us.

Experimental & Analytical Facilities

Preparation Facilities