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        I.   Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
Wireless Power Transfer Circuit Working,
                          Advantages and Disadvantages
Research on wireless power transfer (WPT) technology has gained significant popularity in recent years due to the availability of high power and high switching frequency semiconductor devices. The advantages of this technology are as follows:
  1. very convenient, safe and reliable due to elimination of direct electrical contact, 
  2.  the power transfer unaffected even in hostile environments such as snow, water, dirt, wind, and chemicals, and
  3. provides galvanic isolation.

Besides these general advantages, the WPT technology has merits specific to particular applications. In biomedical implants, e.g., in heart pump battery recharging, WPT technology is the most practical and convenient. Similarly, WPT has found wide acceptance for recharging batteries of electronic gadgets, lighting, chemical plants, underwater vehicles, etc., due to its flexible usage and the ability to prevent damages to the charging port. Implementation of wireless charging in EV applications provides remarkable outcomes. Along with the merits mentioned above, it can reduce the battery storage requirement to 20% through opportunistic charging techniques.

       II.    Wide Band Gap Devices for Compact and Efficient Converter Design:

Data Centers: 20kW 1000V DC to 48V DC Power Electronic Converter using 1.7kV CREE SiC Devices