Computational Catalysis and Interfacial Chemistry Laboratory

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Welcome to Agarwal's Research Group!

The focus of Agarwal's research group is to develop molecular-level understanding of complex systems in the areas of catalysis, biomass conversion and nucleation; with the ultimate aim of assisting in better design of such processes. The group makes use of molecular simulation and quantum chemical methods to investigate the atomic features that govern the molecular transformations in these processes.

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Sandeep joins the group

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Jan 2020

Aman Gupta gets placed in Capgemini. Congrats Aman!

December 2019

Sajal Kanti joins the group

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October 2019

Shilpa defends her Master's thesis sucessfully. Congrats Shilpa!

July 2019

Sai defends his Master's thesis sucessfully. Congrats Sai!

Raghav defends his Master's thesis sucessfully. Congrats Raghav!

June 2019

Lakshay joins the group

May 2019

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March 2019

Shilpa gets Phd offer from University of Houston. Congrats Shilpa!

Jan 2018

Nitesh joins the group

Aman Gupta joins the group

Dec 2018

Sai gets placed in Quantiphi. Congrats Sai!

Raghav gets placed in ExxonMobil. Congrats Raghav!

Shilpa gets placed in TigerAnalytics. Congrats Shilpa!

December 2018

Ragamaye joins the group

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October 2018

Jaishri successfully defends her Master's thesis. Congrats Jaishri!

July 2018

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May 2018

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Febuary 2018

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January 2018

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December 2017

Jaishri gets placed in American Express. Congrats Jaishri!

December 2017

Amartya Prusty joins the group

November 2017

Prof. Vishal Agarwal publishes in Science.

November 2017

Prof. Vishal Agarwal is awarded Ramanujan Fellowship.

August 2017

Jaishri Jain Joins the group.

April 2017