Brihaspati-virtual classroom
Java servlets based content delivery system

Copyright: 2002-2007, 2009 ETRG (Education Technology Research Group), IIT Kanpur
For liscence information see LISCENCE given with the distribution in the brihaspati.

Brochure Brihaspati-2 (pdf)

Brochure Brihaspati_sync (pdf)

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Persons involved

This project was initiated by research associates and engineers. Most of the work has been done through project trainees and research associates. This project has been funded by Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Govt. of India (since November 2003 till October 2009) and IIT Kanpur (since August 2002). Now a major funding is coming from NMEICT, Ministry of Human Resource and Development. The project has now more partners - DEI Agra, AVV Coimbotore, IIT Roorkee, and NIT Hamirpur. More info can be found on project wiki.

Anyone who is interested in contribution in any form cash, kind, code development, testing is welcome. All the contributions will be duly acknowledged alongwith their logo in the distribution of software and on this website.

What you can do?

You are welcome to contribute to this open source free software initiative as developers. The product is now developed to a level where users can send feedback and suggestions. Feedback from potential users will be appreciated. Suggestions for adding new features to be placed on roadmap of this product are also welcome.

Submission guidelines are given in submit

How to install and use this?

Download using the links given on right in this page.

Alternatively, download turbine development kit (tdk) from (We have used turbine-2.1 so far). Install the kit. Go to tdk/webapps directory and unzip and untar brihaspati-XXXXXXXX.tar.gz. Go to tdk/webapps/docs/index.html for further information on installation procedure.

Good and happy usage of software system. Do send your feedback.

Current status is maintained at Roadmap (status)

The brihaspati working on turbine-2.3 with ant-1.6.1 and j2sdk-1.4.0_01 is currently being tried out. We will release the updates whenever we can find them stable in compiling and running.

Source code for synchronous tool is also now available. The product is still not tested thouroghly. You need to have jdk-1.4 and ant-1.6 for using this. The system has a server which accessing the same database as created by brihaspati2 using standalone torque.
Documentation for users and developed is still in initial stages and contained in distribution. Better documentation will come in future.

For discussions you can use yahoo group
If you are not subscribed to this group, please do so by clicking here  ( to coordinate the development with other developers.
Send in the patches generated by you for enhancing the system to

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