Amit Verma

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur

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PhD, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA

Post Doc, Cornell University, NY, USA

Integrated M.Tech., Engineering Physics, IIT-BHU Varanasi



132 Western Lab (WL-132), IIT Kanpur (Office)

133 Western Lab (WL-133), IIT Kanpur (Lab.)

  • +91-512-2596432 (Office), +91-512-2596378 (Lab.)


We are a semiconductor devices group with interest all the way from materials growth to device fabrication, characterization and modeling. Currently, the group's focus is on developing novel wide-bandgap and phase-transition materials and devices. For further details on active research areas in the group, please check the research and publications page.

PhD and Masters/Dual Degree students with background in Electronics, Physics or Materials and motivated to work on exciting problems in semiconductor physics, material growth, and device fabrication can email their CV with a short description about their interests. Recently graduated PhDs whose research work aligns with the group and are looking for post-doc opportunities are also welcome to email their CVs with a short summary of the work done during PhD and future research interests.

Recent News

December, 2022: Ashok presented his work on VO2 based relaxation oscillators in 06th IEEE-ICEE Conference in Bangalore !

December, 2022: Rahul presented his work on Inkjet Printed L-band FSS Absorber in IEEE-MAPCON Conference in Bangalore !

October, 2022: Our Collaborative Review article on Practical Semiconductor Physics perspective on water splitting for Hydrogen generation got published in Current Opinion in Electrochemistry !

October, 2022: Gavax presented his work on LPCVD Growth Kinetics of Ga2O3 in IWGO Workshop in Nagano, Japan !

October, 2022: Ashok's paper on Multi spectral switchable infra-red reflectance resonances got published in Optical Materials, Congratulations !