Graduate Courses(Instructor)

  • MOS modeling
  • Semiconductor devices

Undergraduate Course(Instructor)

  • Microelectronics-II

Undergraduate Courses(Tutor)

  • Microelectronics-I

Undergraduate Courses(Labaratory)

  • EE-380 Electrical Engineering lab
  • EE-381 Electrical Engineering lab-I

Number of M.Tech Theses supervising

  • 15

Number of PhD Theses supervising

  • 3

M.Tech Theses Supervised

NameTitle of thesisYear of completion
Pavan Kumar BhandariStudies on the drift phenomenon in HgCdTe detectors2010
Nirmal Narayanan PA Threshold Voltage and Mobility Compensation Circuit for AMOLED Displays with Fast Programming Time2010
Rahul MishraDevice and Circuit Performance Evaluation and Improvement of Tunnel FETs2011
Asish KumarSpin Transport in Nanowires2011
Vikas NandalDesign and Analysis of Low Power SRAM2011
Rahul Shivaji Navhakarimplementation of High Speed and Low Power ADC2011
Himanshu GuptaAutomatic Transistor Sizing using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm2011
Bhargav Kumar MamillaStudies On III-V Tunnel TETs2011