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Terms on use of LASUtility

1.Use of this software is at the user’s own risk and the developer is in no way responsible for any problem of whatsoever type arising due to the use of this software.

2.The present version of software is not being sold.  However, the developer expects a donation of around USD200 for further development of this software.   Please see donation details below.  The software can be given for free as well if the user is not in a position to donate USD200 and provides justification for this.  

3.The software comes with a license of two months use.  It can be revised for a further period on hearing from the user.   The idea is to hear the comments of user for further development and provide the latest version to the user. 

4.Distribution of this software directly or indirectly by the user to a third party is strictly prohibited.  Please advice the third party to contact the developer and we will be happy to distribute the software. 

5.Any work/report/paper etc. where this software has been used should carry reference  as “ Lohani, B. and Mishra, R. K.,  2008, LASUtility, http://home.iitk.ac.in/~blohani/LASUtility/LASUtility.html, IIT Kanpur India”  . 

6.We may use your or your company’s details (name/company name/logo) on our webpage as the list of users of the software. 

7.The developer is not bound to provide any help in the use of software, though we would love to answer occasional queries.

8.The software is presently under development and it will be appreciated if any bugs or ideas on improvement etc. are informed to the developer. 

9.It is assumed that you have seen these terms and conditions before the use of software.  If you do not agree with any or all of the above please inform us and delete the copy of the software, if already sent to you or downloaded. 

Developers's contact details

Bharat Lohani, PhD   
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
IIT Kanpur
Kanpur 208 016, INDIA
Tel: +91-512-259 7413 O, +91-512-259 8719 R
Mobile: +91 9450 3466 58
Fax: +91-512-259 7395

Details to make donation:

These details are available in free downloadable software or can be supplied through email. 

Copyright Dr.Bharat Lohani, IIT Kanpur
Designed and developed by  R K Mishra, IIT Kanpur