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ISPRS Congress 2008 CATCON5 :: LIMULATOR2.0  wins Silver Medal !!

Airborne altimetric LiDAR

The last decade has seen manifold growth in the use of of airborne altimetric LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. Due to the main advantage of measuring topography through highly dense and accurate data points which are captured at high speed, the LiDAR technology has found several interesting applications.

About Limulator

Limulator aims at generating LiDAR data as per user specifications. The software facilitates user to create terrain of his/her choice using available tools. User has option for selection of either generic sensor or commercially available sensors and can set  their parameters accordingly. The simulator generates LiDAR data similar to a real LiDAR sensor for further display and analysis. The Limulator can be useful to instructors and students to generate variety of LiDAR data for experimentation. The readily available accurate ground truth and the ability to produce LiDAR data with different specifications make this software also suitable for algorithm testing (e.g. information extraction) and research. Further, it can be useful in flight planning. Being a cross-platform software, it can be installed on any operating system.

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