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Test your English

Classroom Version of ToEFL and AdEPT


Do you know how good is your English?

We have found that most self-estimates of English proficiency are overestimates. Many are gross overestimates.
There is a minority of modest people who underestimate.

It is important to know one's strengths and weaknesses correctly.

Are you sporting? Would you like to get your English tested - against a standard benchmark?

You can take the
                        Test of English as a Functional Language (ToEFL)
carefully designed and benchmarked by EPP. Now the process to take ToEFL online has become quite simple.

Any eligibility criteria?
Anybody (from 15 to 65 years old) can take it.

Result of this test will 'confidentially' tell you (without divulging your result to others) Steps to take the test: Frequently asked question: At the first step above, while filling the ToEFL form, many people asked the following question: Answer: Those who thought along this line, reached nowhere. We suggest that you look at it like this.

Note: This online test is only for self-assessment. It has no utility towards certification.

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