Prof. Dipak Mazumdar

Ministry Of Steel Chair Professor
Department of Material Science and Engineering

IIT Kanpur, India


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Area of Specialization

  •    Steelmaking

  •    Physical and mathematical modeling of metals and materials processing operations

Current Research Topics

  •  Enhancing steel mill process performance through integration of theory with practice.

  •  Mold design, heat flux measurements, trumpet shrouding and powder entrapment during solidification of large round steel ingots.

  •  Grade intermixing and slag vortexing in tundish under fully transient conditions.

  •  Side blowing reactors: reactive and non reactive gas injection.

  •  Turbulent flow modeling in large industrial size induction furnaces.

Presentations at Conferences

Research Guidance


International conference on Science & Technology of Ironmaking & Steelmaking (STIS-2017)

Forthcoming Short Courses

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 Membership of Professional Societies
  • Life Fellow of the Indian Institute of Metals
  • Member of the Association of Iron and Steel technology (AIST)
  • Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE)

Short Term Courses
  •  "Secondary Steelmaking" offered twice to industrial, academic & R & D engineers (Dec.1990 and Dec.1991), (Joint Convenor: Prof.A. Ghosh,  Dept.of Met. Engg.,IIT/K)

  •  "Modelling of modern steelmaking processes" offered twice to Industrial and R & D engineers (Jan.96 and Sept.97) (Joint Convenor: Prof.B. Deo, Dept. of MME, IIT/K)

  •  "Modelling in metals processing: concepts, theory and application " offered to Industrial and R & D engineers (February 2005, December 2005, December 2007)

  •  "Iron and steelmaking ( Foundation and advanced level )" offered to engineers from steel and refractory industries (May, June 2009; May 2010; May 2011)

  •  "EAF and secondary steelmaking" offered to engineers from steel and refractory Industries (August 2008 and September 2011)

  •  "Tundish Metallurgy: Towards improved productivity and clean steel" offered to engineers from steel and refractory industries (September 2012; August 2013)

  •  "Ladle Metallurgy Steelmaking: Towards better productivity and product quality" offered to Engineers from steel and refractory industries (August 2014, 2015)


Report on technical manpower requirement for steel industries in 2025

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