Short Course On

Electromagnetic Metamaterials:

Microwave-Infrared-Optical Applications

(19 to 23 August 2019)


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Department of Electrical Engineering


Department of Physics

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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An intensive course on Fundamentals and Applications of Metamaterials, from microwave to optical frequency range, will be conducted between 19 and 23 August 2019, sponsored by the Continuing Education Program of IIT Kanpur. The program will be specifically useful for persons who are concerned with Microwave, Infrared and Optical properties of Metamaterials in Research and Industry as well as training/teaching of students/ personnel. Through this program, IIT Kanpur's internationally recognized expertise in this area is being used to create pool of appropriately trained technical personnel in India. The course is designed to cater to the needs of teachers from Science & Engineering Institutions, scientists from R & D labs and practicing engineers from industry. It aims to equip the participants with an essential knowledge of the area so as to enable them start working with metamaterials in their research & applications.




Metamaterials have captured the public imagination due to the exceptionally attractive applications that were claimed for them, such as perfect lenses, invisibility cloaks, perfect absorbers, miniaturized antennas and waveguides with enhanced performance etc. After intense research in the last decade, the field of metamaterials has now become quite mature and several applications are now coming out of these. In the Indian context, Reasonable number of engineers from Science and Engineering Colleges, NITs etc. are now getting into this area. Government units such as ISRO and DRDO have recently begun several programmes towards the development of strategic applications involving metamaterials. The industry, however, has lagged behind in the use of metamaterials. In this course, emphasis will be placed on understanding the basic physical principles and developing applications. The course will give an exposure to the computational design and simulations of metamaterials. The primary objective of imparting working knowledge in the above mentioned areas will be achieved through lectures, tutorials and problem solving sessions, demonstrations of computer simulations and laboratory visits.




Lectures and tutorials will be delivered by experts working at IIT Kanpur and other reputed institutions on:


 Introduction to Metamaterials

 Homogenization of Structured Materials

 Modeling of electromagnetic/photonic structures using computer simulations

 Metamaterial Microwave Antennas and absorbers

 Infra-red and Optical Metamaterials

 Electromagnetic Cloaking by Metamaterials

 Photonic Bandgap Materials

 Nanostructured Plasmonic surfaces

 Micro and Nanofabrication Techniques

 Microwave, IR and optical Characterization Techniques



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All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi

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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Uttar Pradesh , India


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