I have taught or will be teaching

  • Instructor for UG core course MSE 302: Mechanical Behaviour of Materials - for July 2021
  • Instructor for PG course MSE 627: Creep and High Temperature Deformation of Materials - for Jan 2022
  • Tutor for UG institute's course TA201A: Manufacturing Processes I - for July 2021
  • Tutor for UG institute's course ESO 202A: Mechanics of Solids - for 2021
  • Coordinator of MSE 690A and MSE 691A

  • Visit my YouTube channel on the basic course dealing with "Mechanical Behavior of Materials"

    1) Elasticity: Introduction, Definitions and units

    2) Engineering Stress Strain Curve: Strength and Ductility

    3) Engineering Stress & Strain: UTS & Necking

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