Courses Taught

    No. Course Name Course No. Level Developed by self?
    IIT Kanpur
    1. Mathematical methods for signal processing EE601 PG No
    2. Computational Aspects of Tomographic Imaging EE659 PG Yes
    3. Introduction to Biophotonics PHY610 PG Yes (with Prof Asima Pradhan)
    4. Kalman filtering and its applications EE698J PG Yes
    5. Digital Signal Processing EE301 UG No
    6. Signals, Systems and Networks EE200 UG No
    7. Introduction to Electronics(Tutor+Lab) ESc102N UG No
    8. Partial Differential Equations (Tutor) MSO203B UG No
    9. Introduction to Electronics ESc201A UG No
    University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
    1. Computational inverse problems in elastodynamics ENME-671 PG Yes; for the computational inverse problems part.