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    Nilimesh Das and Pratik Sen*
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2022, In press.

  2. Vibration-Assisted Intersystem Crossing in the Ultrafast Excited-State Relaxation Dynamics of Halocoumarins
    Aritra Das, Sujit Kumar Ghosh, V. Ramamurthy* and Pratik Sen*
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    Navin Subba, Nilimesh Das and Pratik Sen*
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  4. Does Microsecond Active-Site Dynamics Primarily control Proteolytic Activity of Bromelain? Clues from Single Molecular Level Study with a Denaturant, a Stabilizer and a Macromolecular Crowder.
    Nilimesh Das, Sandeep Yadav, Kuldeep Singh Negi, Ejaj Tarif and Pratik Sen*
    BBA Advances 2022, 2, 100041(1-11).

  5. A Novel Quinoline Derivative for Selective and Sensitive Visual Detection of PPB Level Cu2+ in Aqueous Solution.
    Nilimesh Das, Tanmoy Khan, Aritra Das, Vipin Kumar Jain, Joydev Acharya, Md. Serajul Haque Faizi, Joseph Daniel and Pratik Sen*
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    Kamil Polok, Navin Subba, Wojciech Gadomski* and Pratik Sen
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  7. Green, economical synthesis of nitrogen enriched carbon nanoparticles from seaweed extract and their application as invisible ink and fluorescent film.
    Vikram Singh,* B. Gorbel, Shovon Chatterjee, Pratik Sen and Vivek Verma*
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