Research Grants

1. Co-investigator in a NSF funded project entitled 'Integrated Theoretical and Experimental studies of Disordered Alloys using Angle-resolved Photoemission Technique.'
2. Co-investigator in DST funded project 'Calculation of Electronic Properties of Disordered Alloys'.1990- 1995.About 19 lacs.
3. Principle Investigator in CSIR scheme on 'A tight-binding molecular dynamics study of electronic structure and hydrogen diffusion in hydrogenated amorphous silicon'.1995-1999. About 4 lacs.
4. Co-investigator in BRNS funded project on 'Structural coherence and chemical modulations in artificial metallic superlattices.'About 5.5 lacs.
5. Principal investigator in DST funded project on 'Electronic properties of disordered materials.' 1999-2003.About 30 lacs.
6. Principal investigator in CSIR funded project on 'Study of electronic structure ,Magnetism and phase stability of lithiated manganese oxides .' 2002-2005.About 6 lacs.
7. Principal investigator in RCI funded project on 'Fundamental studies on Manganese oxide and analogs for suitabbility as cathodes in rechargeable lithium ion batteries.' 2004-2007.About 21 lacs.
8. Principal investigator in AOARD funded project on 'Mechanism of interlayer exchange coupling in Fe/Nb magnetic multilayer system.' 2006-2007.About 9 lacs.
9. Principal investigator in DST funded project on 'First-principles studies on ferroic oxides ' 2012-2015. About 55 lacs.

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