NeuroComputing and Hardware Security (NeuroCHaSe) Group

Department of Electrical Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

  • The beautiful fountain in front of P.K. Kelkar library 7th January 2021.

  • New year Celebration with students on 1st January, 2022

  • Birthday celebration by students on 23rd December, 2021

  • First get-together of NeuroCHaSe group members (available on campus) on 25th October, 2021

  • The faculty housing at IIT Kanpur

  • A beautiful peacock posing on the wall of the director's bunglow

  • The farewell pic with my post-doc advisor Prof. Dmitri "Dima" Strukov

  • Henley gate, UCSB after Holi 2019

  • View from my office in HFH-5120 after sunset

  • Sunset at UCSB Lagoon

  • Storke tower

  • View from our leisure meeting (coffee) spot

  • MJK Ph.D. Group 2016

  • Teacher's day celebration 2014 with IEC and VDTT batchmates and seniors

  • Farewell dinner of Dawit sir with MJK sir and Lakshmi M'am, 2016

  • Ph.D. Defense treat, 2018

  • With my friend Dr. Sekhar at IEEE NANO, 2016

  • Kimono wearing ceremony at IEEE NANO, Sendai, Japan, 2016

  • Receiving awards and gold medals from Director IIT BHU, Prof. Rajeev Sangal, 2014 [Convocation Video]

  • With my parents after receiving IIT BHU, Varanasi medal 2014 [Convocation Video]

  • Class of 2014, B.Tech in Electronics Engineering, IIT BHU

  • Morvi Hostel, IIT BHU, 2014

  • The "mischievous" line follower robot

  • After line follower robot event, Technex, 2011