Vijay A. Singh
Ph.D. (1978), SUNY, Albany (USA)
Department of Physics, I.I.T. Kanpur
U.P. - 208016, INDIA
Tel:  +91 - 512 -597142 (Office)
Fax:  +91 - 512 - 590260

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Current Research Interests:

Dr. Vijay A. Singh obtained his Ph. D. degree from State University of New York, Albany, USA  in 1978 for research on the electronic structure of disordered materials.
  • Professor, I.I.T. - Kanpur, India
Worked at 
  • Institute for the Study of Defects in Solids, Albany (1979-80)
  • Solar Energy Research Institute, Colorado, USA (1980-82)
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India (1983)
  • Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur, India (1984-present)
  • General Electric Research Laboratories, Schenectady, USA (1979)
  • A.T. & T.  Bell Labs (1985)
Visiting Professor 
  • State University of New York at Albany, USA (1990-91)
  • Homi Bhaba Center for Science Education, Mumbai, India (1998 and 1999)
Chief Editor 
  • Bulletin - Indian Association of Physics Teachers (1997 - 01)

  • Over hundred in refereed technical journals of international repute 
  • Over fifty invited talks 
  • Chaired over twenty sessions including the Gordon Research Conference on Defects, New Hempshire, USA (1985)
  • Delegation Leader (Indian team), International Physics Olympiad [InPhO], Italy, 1999. Won 4 silver and one bronze medal. 
  • Delegation Leader (Indian team), International Physics Olympiad [InPhO], England, 2000. Won 2 gold and 2 bronze medals. 
  • Delegation Leader (Indian team), International Physics Olympiad [InPhO], Turkey, 2001. Won 3 gold and 2 silver medals. 

Indian Physics Olympiad Programme (InPhO)

Quantum Physics Problem Sets (BSO203)

Selected Recent Publications

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