Dibakar Ghosal                                                                 
Assistant Professor               


For prospective candidates

I am looking for hard working, self-motivated and responsible people in PhD, Research Associate and Project assistant positions.

Interested students are informed to please contact Dr. Dibakar Ghosal (dghosal@iitk.ac.in) with your curriculum vitae, expressing your strength and research interests.

Current M.Tech students

Mr. Gourav Jaiswal (MTech since 2022)
B.Tech in Civil Engineering,
VelTech University Chennai
MTech Thesis
Application of ML on seismic difraction analysis
+91 9955982705

Mr. Bharat Sharma (MTech since 2023)
B.Tech 22’ in Civil Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra
MTech Thesis
Estimation of Shortest Ray Path using ML
+91 7060048211

Current PhD students:

Mr. Vikas (PhD since 2019)
Education M.sc Tech (Applied Geophysics), ISM Dhanbad
PhD Thesis

Algorithm development of 2D full waveform inversion
Contact vikasvats17293@gmail.com
+91 7070653654

Mr. Harshad Shrivastav (PhD since 2018)
Msc.Tech Exploration Geophysics, Banaras Hindu University, 2017.
PhD Thesis Investigating offhsore Narcondam using high-resolution seimsic data
kharshad@iitk.ac.in, harshadsrivastava@gmail.com
+91 7668247911

Mr. Prabhakar Kumar (PhD since 2022)
Education M.Tech Geophysical Technology, IIT Kanpur, 2021.
PhD Thesis Applications of FWI on active and passive seismic datasets
Contact prabhakarkumar168@gmail.com
+91 8650699286

Mr. Arindam Kundu (PhD since 2020)
Education M.sc Tech (Applied Geophysics), ISM Dhanbad
PhD Thesis
Analysing Himalayan ridge systems from geophysical perspectives
Contact k.arindam55@gmail.com
+91 9800750530

Mr. Sarthak Papney (PhD since 2023)
Education M.Sc. (Tech.) Geophysics, Banaras Hindu University (2023)
PhD Thesis
Investigating Central Himalayan morphotectonics geophysically
Contact sarthakp23@iitk.ac.in
+91 8869898417

Former PhD(completed)/Postdocs(PDF)/Senior Research Scientists (SRS):

3. Dr. Shashank Verma
2017-2023 (PhD)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Investigating morphotectonics of Kumaon Himalaya using integrated active and passive seismology
(secured job at GSI)
2. Dr. Pabitra Singha
2020-2021 (SRS)
IIT Kanpur
Project: OBS seismology
1. Dr. Pankaj Kumar
2020-2021 (SRS)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Gravity-Magnetic and seismological study over St-Paul-Amsterdam Island
(secured scientist position at NGRI)

Former students (BS-MS/MTech/RA/Incomplete (Inc) PhD):

19. Mr. Anubhav Mukherjee
2021-2023 (MTech)
IIT Kanpur

Project: Evolution of a growth fault system in the Krishna-Godavari basin from fault contour mapping studies using 3D seismic dataset (Secured PhD at IITKGP and job at CGWB)
18. Mr. Jaisheel Sharma
2020-2022 (Inc PhD)
IIT Kanpur

Project: FWI of KG data  (Placed at ONGC)
17. Mr. Uppendra Gupta
2021-2022 (Inc PhD)
IIT Kanpur
Project: FAVO analysis of KG data using ML (Placed at ONGC)
16. Mr. Aditya Sen
2020-2022 (Inc PhD)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Proroelastic FWI analysis (secured PMRF)
Mr. Kethavath 15. Bhopya Naik 2021-2022 (BS-MS)
IIT Kanpur

Project: Modeling and inversion of the microtremor H/V spectral ratio (secured job in a company)
14. Mr. Deepak Vatsa
2018-2021 (RA)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Algorithm development of 2D/3D travel time tomography (Startup company)
13. Mr. Pratyush Anand
2019-2021 (RA)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Joint inversion of P-to-S Receiver function and Rayleigh wave group velocity
dispersion curve for obtaining lithospheric structure beneath Indian ocean. (At ISM Dhanbad)
12. Mr. Prabhakar Kumar
2019-2021 (MTech)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Deciphering Shear wave velocity profiles from Wide-Angle MASW using Swarm Intelligence-based optimization strategies (Joined PhD at IIT Kanpur)
11. Mr. Niraj Kumar
2020-2021 (BS-MS)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Machine learning and its application in seismic interpretation and GUI for seismic modeling (Opened startup)
10. Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey
2020-2021 (BS-MS)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Two-dimensional seismic modeling using Finite Element Method (FEM) (in corporate job)
9. Mr. Animesh Pant 2020 (RA)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Frontier Seismic Spectral Decomposition Methods for CLSSA, SFMPD (in corporate job)
8. Ms. Anshita Nayak 2018-2019  (Inc PhD)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Imaging of Sumatran frontal thrust
7. Mr. Animesh Pant
2018-2019  (M.Tech)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Frontier Seismic Spectral Decomposition Methods & New Insights into Offshore Nova Scotia using CLSSA and Weighted Spectral Blending (in corporate job)
6. Mr. Vaibhav Jain 2018-2019 (M.Tech)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Super Virtual Interferometry (SVI): a seismic data processing technique for enhancement of far offset refracted phases (placed at Emerson, ONGC)
5. Mr. Aakash Gupta
2017-2019 (RA)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Modeling of high frequency data using ambient noise tomography
(Currently placed at University of Alaska as a PhD scholar)
4. Mr. Saptaparnee
2017-2019 (RA)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Algorithm development of ray tracing from MCS datasets.
3. Mr. Shankho Niyogi 2017-2018 (RA)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Algorithm development of half downward continuation for MCS data.
(Currently placed at University of California Riverside as a PhD Scholar)
2. Mr. Akash Trivedi 2016-2018 (M.Tech)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Identification of Gas hydrate reservoirs at offshore N-W Sumatra using high resolution marine seismic datasets. (Currently placed at IISER Pune as a PhD Scholar)
1. Mr. Gardar Gislason 2014-2016 (M.Sc.)
Uppsala University
Project:  Effect of Petrophysical Parameters on Seismic Waveform Signatures – Review of Theory with Case Study from Frigg Delta Oil Field, Norway. (placed at Geological Society of Finland )

Former students (UGP/Summer internships):

8. Mr. Sankarshan Mandal
2023 (Summer Intern)
Project: Development of a GUI package for 2D seismic data acquisition
7. Mr. Sankarshan Mandal
2023 (Summer intern)
IISER Kolkata
Project: Algorithm development for Seismic data aacquisition geometry setup
6. Mr. Vatsalya Roy
2021-2022 (UGP-II)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Stress inversion from earthquake data
5. Mr. Sudhanshu  Pandey
IIT Kanpur
Project: Finite element algorithm development for forward modeling in poroelastic medium
4. Mr. Chanchal Prasad
IIT Kanpur
Project: Imaging across offshore north Sumatra
Project: Seimsic rock physics
3. Mr. Sonu
2018-2019 (UGP)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Development of a GUI for Vs prediction
2. Mr. Pushpendu Pal
2018-2019 (UGP)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Development of a GUI for petrophysical analysis
1. Mr. Arpit Bansal
2019 (SURGE intern)
IIT Kanpur
Project: Estimation of reservoir properties using Beysian inversion

National Collaborators
  • Dr. Indra Sen, IIT Kanpur
  • Dr. Subhajit Roy, IIT Kanpur
  • Dr. Pritam Chakraborty, IIT Kanpur
  • Dr. Pawan Dewangan, NIO Goa
  • Dr. Sudipta Sarkar, IISER Pune
International Collaborators:
  • Dr. Subbarao Yelisetti, University Texas A & M Kingsville, USA
  • Prof. Satish Singh, IPG Paris, France
  • Prof. Christopher Juhlin, Uppsala University, Sweden