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Prof. Javed N Malik


Prof. Javed N Malik is the foremost researcher in the fields of Active Fault Mapping, Paleoseismology, and Paleo-tsunami studies in India. After completing his PhD [1999] from M. S. University of Baroda, Prof. Malik carried out Post-Doctoral research at Hiroshima University, Japan [1999-2001]. He has since been working in seismically active regions: NW-Central Himalaya, Kachchh and Andaman-Nicobar. He uses innovative techniques for identifying active faults, and paleo-tsunamis [Geoslicer]. His work has led to identification of several new faults viz. the Kangra Valley Fault; Taksal Fault and Pinjore Garden Fault, and Hajipur Fault in the Himalayan region. He was first to report active faults along the Kachchh Mainland and South Wagad from Gujarat. Paleoseismic investigations revealed geological evidence of several large-magnitude paleo-earthquakes that occurred in Himalayas during the historic period. He identified signatures of several mega-thrust earthquakes and associated transoceanic tsunamis from Andaman and provided evidence for seven tsunamis in the last 8000 years from coastal stratigraphic records. The data generated are crucial for Seismic/Tsunami Hazard Assessment. He also contributed to several engineering projects of national importance – Oil Pipelines in Rajasthan & Gujarat for seismic hazard estimation. He is a recipient of National Geoscience Award [2016] in Disaster Management; S. Merh Award [2004] in Quaternary Geology; B. B. Lal, Endowment Chair Professor [2017] for Archaeology, Excellence in Teaching Award (2022), Fellow of Indian National Science Academy [2022].

Latest News

  •   Javed Malik has been nominated as a fellow of Indian National Science Academy
  •   SOTA Seminar of Mrs. Poorvi Narayana on 12 October, 2022
  •   Javed Malik received Excellence in Teaching Award (2022) at IIT Kanpur on Teacher’s Day.
  •   SOTA seminar of Mr. Nayan Sharma on 14 July, 2022
  •   Eshaan Srivastava received an Early Career Research Project Award for his proposal “Landscape Evolution Marker Online Network” (LEMON) from INQUA

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