Active Tectonics and Paleoseismology Lab

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

  1. Sambit Prasanjit Naik

    Completed in November 2014
    Research Topic- Active fault and paleoseismic studies along Himalaya and effect of large magnitude earthquake in Indo-Gangetic Plain, with reference to liquefaction

  2. Santiswarup Sahoo

    Completed in November 2014
    Research Topic- Active fault and Paleoseismic studies in Kangra Valley, NW Himalaya: An attempt to identify the surface rupture of 1905 Kangra earthquake

  3. Asmita Mohanti

    Completed in Jan 2017
    Research Topic- Tectonic Geomorphology and Paleoseismic studies along the northern fringe of Janauri Anticline in the foothill zone of NW Himalaya, India

  4. S. Sravanthi

    Completed in Sept 2017
    Research Topic- Paleoseismological and Archeoseismological studies in Kachchh, Gujarat: Implications on the abandonment of Ancient Settlements

  5. Frango C. Johnson

    Completed in Aug 2017
    Research topic- Paleoseismic and Paleo-tsunami investigations along the southern coast of Andaman Islands, A&N Island, India

  6. Afzal Khan

    Completed in Aug 2018
    Research Topic- Active Tectonic and Paleoseismic studies along west coast of Andaman Island: Its implication on seismic and tsunami hazard in A&N Islands.

  7. Shreya Arora

    Completed in Sept 2019
    Research Topic- Active Tectonics and Active Fault Studies around Chandigarh-Pinjore Dun, NW Himalaya