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Micro-PIV facilities has been used to measure the velocity of fluid flow in microscale system i.e. flow inside microchannel, droplet etc. The micro-PIV facilities has been procured from Dantec Dynamic. It consists of a microscope (Leica), high speed camera (Highsense MKII), timer-box, image aquisition system and Nd-Ag Lasr (New wave).

Confocal Microscopy

Confocal microscope has been used for 3D imaging of microscale systems. It has been procured from Leica. It consists of a inverted microscope, 3 lasers, PMT and a work station.

Digital Holography

Digital holographic system is used for 3D imaging of fluid and thermal system i.e. semiconductor defect detection, Particle field characterization, 3D velocity field measurement etc. It includes high speed camera Sensicam, He-Ne laser with 17.6 mW power, Acousto optic modulator, Neutral density filter, Spatial filter, Beam Splitter, Iris.

Laser/Color Schlieren

Laser/color schliern system has been used for thermal and solutal field characterization of several thermal system. The details about lase schlieren are as follows: Arrangement: Z-type
Camera: High speed monochrome CMOS sensor camera (Mikrotron GmbH, MC1302). It can capture upto 10,000 frames per second at reduced resolution.
Light source : He-Ne laser (Spectra physics 127-35).
Optical setup: Two rectangular flat mirrors and two concave mirrors (Unertl optical co.), a knife-edge and a viewing screen.


The PIV system has been used for velocity field measurement. It consists of Double pulsed Nd:YAG laser of (New Wave Lasers, wave length=532 nm), 30 mJ/pulse Peltier-cooled 12 bit CCD camera (PCO Sensicam), 1280 * 1024 pixels, Synchronizer, Frame grabber, Scheimpflug mount for stereo PIV.


Mach-zehnder based interferometer has been used for thermal and solutal field measurement in thermal system. It consists of 35 mW He-Ne laser (Spectra Physics) of 632.8 nm wavelength and 150 mm diameter optics, two beam splitters, two mirrors. Interferograms are recorded using a CCD camera that has 1034 * 739 pixel resolution. The camera is interfaced to an IBM compatible PC through an 8-bit A/D card.

Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Low speed wind tunnel has been used for several model studies. Its specification are: Cross section: 40 cm x40 cm, Free stream velocity range: 0.8-6 m/s, Free stream turbulence: <0.05%

Liquid Crystal Thermography

LCT has been used for surface temperature and heat transfer coefficient measurement related to heat exchanger and gas turbine blade cooling. It consists of Camera: 3-CCD video camera (SONY XC-003P) with 24-bit true color frame grabber board (Imaging Technology Inc. IC-PCITM)
Temperature DAQ Card: NI 4350/4351

IR Thermography

IR camera used to measure the surface temperature of a substrate. The IR camera is obtained from thermosensorik. It has a resolution 640 *512 pixels.

Visisize Spray Imaging

The spray imaging system has been used for characterization of electro spray. It consists of a double pulsed Nd-YAG laser of wavelength 532 nm and 15 mJ/pulse with a maximum repetition rate of 15 Hz per (NEW WAVE RESEARCH), VidPIV 4.6, 12 bit CCD camera (PCO, sensicam), lens (12X zoom) and oxford lens arrangement and light guide/diffuser system.

Water Tunnel

The water tunnel has been used for under water model studies. The water tunnel is an experimental facility with test section 1.6 * 0.4 m * 0.4 m. This water tunnel has maximum velocity of 1 m/s and turbulent intensity is less than 1%.

Hot Wire Anemometry

Hot wire anemometry has been used for velocity and temperature measurement of several fluidic system. AN-1003 Hot-Wire/Hot-Film Anemometry system Features: Measures Fluid or Gas Velocity in up to 10 channels, measure fluid velocities ranging from 0 to 200 m/sec as well as supersonic measurement, High Frequency Response: DC-120kHz standard, Flexible: For use with Hot-Film and Hot-wire Probes, Built-In Signal Conditioner: Low Pass Filter: with 12 cut-off frequencies, Gain and DC offset adjustable to any value.

Femtosecond Laser Micro Fabrication

The Femtosecond laser micromachining system contains CPA-series laser from M/s Clark-MXR Inc, followed by beam delivery unit from OPTEC, Belgium. This is intended for use with 1550/775nm IR laser and includes part motion, vision systems, and operating software. The opto-mechanical assembly is mounted on an optical table, and when combined with the femtosecond laser source form a complete ultrafast-laser based micromachining system. Laser Specifications Parameters: Wavelength: 775 nm and 1550 nm; Power @ 775nm: 0 to 0.7 W; Power @ 1550nm: 50 mW; Pulse width @ 775nm: 150 fs; Repetition rate @ 775nm: 1 kHz

Fabrication Shop

The fabrication shop is equiped with highly served fabrication utilities for fabrication of test cell required to execute student's and funded research projects. The fabrication facility consistes of lathe machine, drilling machine and grinding machine.

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