FMadhu Dr. P. K. Panigrahi
Team Members Dr. Pradipta Kumar Panigrahi
Mechanical Engg. Dept.,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,


Present PhD Students

Sanyogita Singh
Areas of Interest: Tunable Micro Dye Laser
Rishav Kumar
Areas of Interest: Battery thermal management

  Ayaj Ahamd Ansari
Areas of Interest: Carbon capture, CO2 hydrate
  Randeep Ravesh
Areas of Interest: Energy Storage, Gas Recovery, CH4 Hydrate

  Senthan Swaminathan
Areas of Interest: Reservoir simulation, Gas recovery


Present Master Students

Agamani -M. S.
Areas of Interest: Digital Holographyr
  Hari Hara Reddy
Areas of Interest: Battery thermal management

Present Post Doc Fellow

Dr. Atul Ranjan
Areas of Interest: High Heat flux cooling
   Dr. Ajit K Jha
Areas of Interest: Gas hydrate and gas recovevery

Dr. Golak Kunti
Areas of Interest: Breast Cancer detection, Microfluidics
   Dr. T. Thillaikumar
Areas of Interest: Flow control, Wind Turbine, Plasma Actuator

Supporting Staffs

Manoj Sharma
Technical Superintendent
Suneel Kumar Rajput
Junior Technician

  Amiya Ketan
Workshop Assistant

Past Post Doc Fellow
Dr. B. R. Vinoth - (2011)
Associate Professor
IIST, Thiruvanthapuram

Dr. Samarshi Chakraborty - (2020)
Assistant Professor
BIT, Goa

Past PhD Students
Dr. Ghar Amar Sahebrao (2024)
Dissertation: Femtosecond laser based fabrication of miniaturized photonic device components
REO, CELP, IIT Kanpur.

Dr. Digvijay Shukla (2023)
Dissertation: Thin film evaporative cooling system for thermal management
Assistant Professor, Government Polytechnic, Barabanki, UP.
Dr. B. P. Maddilety (2022)
Dissertation: Effect of synthetic jet actuation on axisymmetric turbulent boundary layer
Assistant Professor, Anurag University.
Dr. Bal Krishan Mishra (2022)
Dissertation: Hydrodynamics of DBD Plasma Actuators for Flow Control
Dr. Archana Gupta (2022)
Dissertation: An experimental investigation of electro-hydrodynamic atomization and encapsulation
Adjunct Faculty, College of Engineering Pune (COEP)
Dr. Nirmal Halder (2021)
Dissertation: Gas Turbine Blade Cooling
Assistant Professor, Sandip University, Nashik, Maharashtra
Dr. Sunil K Saroj (2021)
Dissertation: Ferrofluid Hydrodynamics for Deposition Pattern and Thermal Management

PDF, PSL University, Paris, France
Dr. Dhananjay K. Singh (2016)
Dissertation: Implementation of Digital Holographic Microscopy for 3D-3C Velocity Measurements in Single-Phase and Liquid-Slug Taylor Flow in Micro Capillary.

Dr. Tapan K. Pradhan (2018)
Dissertation: Effect of neighboring droplet on internal convection of an evaporating droplet
SRF, IIT Kanpur

Dr. Abhay Kumar (2016)
Dissertation: Synthetic jet for underwater flow control applications.
Assistant Professor
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Dr. Mohammed Asfer (2015)
Dissertation: Experimental Investigation of Ferrofluid Transport in Presence of Magnetic Field for Drug Targeting and Heat Transfer Applications
Assistant Professor
Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Anamika Sethia Gupta (2012)
Dissertation: Optical visualization and analysis Of protein crystal growth process
Pune University
Dr. Adnan Quyoum (2013)
Dissertation: Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Two-pass Square Channel: Effect of synthetic Jet Actuation and Permeable Ribs
NIT Srinagar
Dr. Praveen Pandey (2007)
Dissertation: Studies on the effect of hydrogen addition on soot formation in acetylene-air laminar diffusion flames
Gorakhpur Eng.College
Dr. Surendra K. Singh (2011)
Dissertation: Schlieren-interferometric study of circular and square cylinder wakes: effect of buoyancy and oscillation
Jodhpur Eng. College
Dr. Atul Srivastava (2005)
Dissertation: Laser interferometric study of rayleigh-benard convection in an axisymmetric differentially heated fluid layer
IIT Mumbai
Dr. Sushanta Dutta (2006)
Dissertation: Experimental characterization of unheated and heated bluff body wakes
IIT Roorkee
Dr. Sunil Punjabi (2003)
Dissertation: Experimental study of convection in differentially heated fluid layers using laser interferometry
Govt. Eng. Col. Ujjain
Dr. Andallib Tariq (2004)
Dissertation: Augmentation heat transfer using an internally threaded tube
IIT Roorkee
Past Master Students
Pappu Anil Kumar (2024)
Dissertation: Simulation of combined depressurization and microwave heating in hydrate reservoir with layer-wise heterogeneity
JLennox International Inc.
Gohil Amitkumar Kiritbhai (2024)
Jet mixing Enhancement Using Coaxial DBD Plasma Actuator and Machine Learning control
Eaton Ltd.
Syed Rameez Ahmad (2022)
Dissertation: Liquid infused stainless steel surfaces for anti-biofouling
Jindal Stainless Ltd (JSL)
Likhit Kumar Gorle (2023)
Enhancement of wind turbine performance using linear and annular DBD plasma actuator
Bajaj Auto Ltd.
Ayush Singh (2022)
Dissertation: Ionic Wind Generator for heat transfer applications
Latent View Analytics
Virendra Singh (2022)
Dissertation: Electro spraying binary mixture of Ethanol and Propanol with water > for thermal management
IHQ of MOD (Army)
Rishav Kumar (2021)
Dissertation: Development of a flow coupled land subsidence simulation model and Neural Network based rapid risk assessment tool for safe gas production from hydrate reservoirs
Soumik Ghosh (2022)
Dissertation: Fluid-Structure Interaction of two side-by-side filaments normal to flow
Jaguar Land Rover
Akash Kumar Gupta (2020)
American Express
Shubham Yadav (2020)
Dissertation: Machine Learning Based Optimal Control of Synthetic Jet for Heat Transfer Enhancement
American Express
Ashok Thapa (2020)
Dissertation: Analysis of extender capped electrospray nozzle and its multiplexing to increase the liquid flow rate
Deepak Kumar (2020)
Dissertation: Performance of salt based hydrate inhibitor for dissociation of Tetrahydrofuram hydrate
Aadit Narayanmurthy (2020)
Dissertation: Hydrodynamics around a CSRDM assembly of a fast breeder reactor
Rishav Garg (2020)
Dissertation: Combined experimental and simulation study of cryogenic pressure relief valve
Abhishek Chandran (2019)
Dissertation: Design of Multiple Nozzle Electrospray: A Combined Simulation and Experimental Study
Nishant Agrawal (2018)
Tata Motors
Sunil Kumar (2017)
Dissertation: Flow field outside the shroud tube of a control plug in a fbr : effect of porous structure & central rod eccentricity
Tata Motors
Chanchal (2017)
Dissertation: Implementation of Digital Holography Technique for Characterization of Particle Field and Defect Detection of Electronic Circuit
Ankit Gautam (2016)
Dissertation: Control Rod and porous shroud tube hydrodynamics of a Fast Breeder Reactor
PhD, Michigan State University, USA
Amrit Abhilash (2016)
Dissertation: Effect of Dielectric Constant on Cone Angle, Current & Droplet Diameter of an Electro spray
Gopinath Sahu (2016)
Dissertation: DBD Plasma Actuator for Jet Mixing Enhancement
Ph.D., IIT Kanpur
Arun Kumar (2016)
Dissertation: PIV Investigation of Electrospray
Asst. Prof, UPTU
Sunil Kumar Saroj (2015)
Dissertation: Magnetic actuation based mixing enhancement inside a micron sized droplet
PhD, IIT Kanpur
Sukamal Pal (2015)
Dissertation: Experimental study of photothermal disturbances in a transversely pumped dye laser cavity using Mach Zehnder Interferometer
Kaushelendra Dubey (2014)
Dissertation: Electro-Encapsulation Using Coaxial Electrified Jet: Scaling Analysis
PhD, IIT Delhi
Ishit Kumar (2014)
Dissertation: Investigation of fluid mixing behaviour near the porous cylinder towards the study of hydrodynamics in control plug of fast reactor
Dar Group
Abinash Tripathy (2014)
Dissertation: Digital Holographic Investigation of Electro Spray
PhD, CeNSE, IISC Bangalore
Maheswar Dewangan (2013)
Dissertation: Hydrodynamics during droplet evaporation of bi-component solutions: Effect of substrate temperature
Asish Soni (2013)
Dissertation: Flow-Structure Interaction of Flexible Arterial Model under Cardiac Flow Conditions

Harsh Biswari (2013)
Dissertation: Solar cell defects characterization using lock-in thermography

Shivanshu Awasthi (2013)
Dissertation: Simulation & experimental study of a digital off-axis holographic system
Marua Mohanty (2013)
Dissertation: Jet Vectoring Using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator: Effect of Buoyancy and nozzle Aspect Ratio
Alok Ray (2013)
Dissertation: Instability modes and scaling analysis during electroatomization:a non -dimensional approach
Prateek Khanna (2012)
Dissertation: Combined PIV and CFD study of Hemodynamics in Cerebral Aneurysm
Saumyata Singh (2012)
Dissertation: Lock-in thermography for detection of sub-surface defects and its application to solar cells
Ankur Sharma (2012)
Dissertation: Flow Control of Helium Jet by DBD Plasma Actuator: A Schlieren Tomographic Study
Tapan Kumar Pradhan (2012)
Dissertation: Surface-tension driven flow in a sessile droplet and its application to protein crystallization
PhD, IIT Kanpur
Veena Singh (2012)
Dissertation: Interferometry-Website and implementation of the phase shifting algorithm
PhD, IIT Delhi
Gyana Ranjan Rana (2012)
Dissertation: Hydrodynamics of segmented gas-liquid flow inside a square micro-channel
Vishal Kumar (2012)
Dissertation: Electrohydrodynamic atomization for generation of micro particles and capsules
Kapil Mishra (2011)
Dissertation: Heat transfer enhancement in a channel flow using synthetic jet actuation: effect of orifice geometry
Piyush Gautam (2011)
Dissertation: Experimental Study of Thermal Stripping Using Water Jet Impingement
K. Vikas (2011)
Dissertation: Schlieren tomographic study of twin jet interaction
Ram Manoj Chippa (2011)
Dissertation: Laser schlieren investigation of helium-air fountain
M. Maheswari (2011)
Dissertation: Digital holographic microscopy for particulate field characterization
NTU Singapore
Sreyashi Chakroborty (2011)
Dissertation: An Experimental and Numerical study on Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Stanford University
Tushar Sahu (2011)
Dissertation: Hydrodynamics of Moving Liquid Gas Interface Inside a Capillary
Tata Motors
Mahan Raj Banerjee (2011)
Dissertation: Electrohydrodynamic Instability and Atomization in Liquid Jets
Prio Ganguli (2010)
Dissertation: IPMC based actuator for enhancement of mixing in T-channel
NTU Singapore
Rahul Mishra (2010)
Dissertation: Imaging oscillatory flow in straight compliant tubes and bifurcations
MNNIT Allahabad
Vivek Kumar (2010)
Dissertation: Design, Fabrication and Characterization of the Synthetic Jet Actuator for Underwater Flow Control Application
Ordnance Factory, Defense
Satya Prakash (2010)
Dissertation: Application of digital holography for visualization of protein crystal growth process
Finisar Malaysia
Rakesh Ranjan (2009)
Dissertation: Schlieren Investigation of Helium Fountain
Ankur Bordoloi (2009)
Dissertation: Passive and synthetic jet based active control of jet mixing inside a tubular reactor
Vivek Kumar (2010)
Dissertation: Design, Fabrication and Characterization of the Synthetic Jet Actuator for Underwater Flow Control Application
Ordnance Factory, Defense
Jag Parvesh (2009)
Dissertation: Water mist as fire suppressant: a numerical and experimental study
Anuj Sarwate (2008)
Dissertation: Detailed investigation of mixing in a Y-channel using micro-LIF and micro-PIV
Tata Motors
Siddharth Khowala (2008)
Dissertation: Numerical study of mixing in a T-channel micro-mixer
John Deere
Vaibhav Agarwal (2008)
Dissertation: Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layer Manipulation using Synthetic Jet Actuation
Tata Motors
Abhishek Kakade (2008)
Dissertation: Schlieren Interferometry study of square cylinder wake: Influence of buoyancy and orientation
Harsh Mishra (2008)
Dissertation: A digital holographic system for characterization of particulate field and biological cells
Kaladhar Semwal (2008)
Dissertation: Jet mixing study using colour schlieren technique: influence of buoyancy and perforation
John Deere
Mohammed Asfer (2007)
Dissertation: Micro-PIV Study of Flow through Microchannel of Various Geometries
Rajesh Kumar (2007)
Dissertation: Numerical study on dynamics of synthetic jet actuation for flow control
MS, France
Nitesh Abhiman Kadam (2007)
Dissertation: Computational Investigation of Reacting Coaxial Jet inside a Tubular Reactor
Bhavesh Sharma (2007)
Dissertation: Amplitude Modulated Synthetic Jet Actuator Array for Control of Turbulent Channel Flow
V. Satish (2006)
Dissertation: Colour Schlieren Imaging of Solutal Convection Patterns Around a KDP Crystal Growing from its Aqueous Solution
Srikrishna Sahu (2006)
Dissertation: Interface deformation and convective transport in a horizontal differentially heated air-oil layer
Imperial College
Prakash Pagare (2006)
Dissertation: Wake interaction at intermediate Reynolds number for an oscillating square cylinder placed in a uniform stream
Thileepan Karthikeyan (2006)
Dissertation: Turbulence Characteristics of Boundary Perturbed Channel flow: Experiments at Low and High Frequencies
Manoj Ranjan (2005)
Dissertation: Interferometric Study of Heat Transfer in Fluid-Filled Circular Annuli
Soumya Majumdar (2004)
Dissertation: Studies on the effect of hydrogen as a fuel additive on soot formation in acetylene -air diffusion flames
Arun Kumar (2003)
Dissertation: Large eddy simulation of flow and heat transfer past a slit rib
Aravind Rao (2003)
Dissertation: Role of flow unsteadiness in heat transfer enhancement from ribbed surfaces
Atanu Phukan (2003)
Dissertation: Visualization and analysis of a convective field using the schlieren technique
Debadi Chakraborthy (2004)
Dissertation: Influence of an integral splitter plate and an annular fin on heat and momentum transport for the case of flow past a tube
Kamlesh Singh (2002)
Dissertation: Heat transfer enhancement in ribbed coolent channels of gas turbine blades
Sangram Swain (2001)
Dissertation: An experimental study of convective heat transfer from flat and ribbed surfaces
Sushanta Dutta (2001)
Dissertation: Sensitivity of a square cylinder wake to orientation and oscillation in the intermediate reynolds number regime
IIT Roorkee
Meena Singh (2000)
Dissertation: Flow and heat transfer characteristics in a three dimensional ribbed channel
Atul Srivastava (2000)
Dissertation: Laser interferometric study of Rayleigh-benard convection in an axisymmetric differentially heated fluid layer
CAT Indore
Andallib Tariq (1998)
Dissertation: Augmentation heat transfer using an internally threaded tube
IIT Roorkee
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