Theory/lab subjects taught in the Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering, IIT Kanpur since 2022.

  1. SEE-603: Electrical Power Engineering
  2. SEE-616: Renewables Integrated Smart Power Systems

Theory/lab subjects taught in the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur 2008-2022.

  1. Electrical Technology (EE11001)
  2. Electrical Technology Lab (EE19001)
  3. Measurements and Electronic Instruments (EE21004)
  4. Measurements and Electronic Instruments Lab (EE29004)
  5. Power System Lab (EE39002) (New experiments included)
  6. Illumination and Electrical Utility Services (EE30024)
  7. Energy Conversion Processes (EG30002)
  8. Photovoltaic and Fuel Cells (EG31002)
  9. Non-conventional Electrical Energy Systems (EE60049) (New course developed)
  10. Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems (EE60005) (New course developed)
  11. Smartgrid (EE60016) (New course developed)
  12. Renewable Energy Sources (ES61007) (New course developed)
  13. Energy systems modelling (ES61008)
  14. Energy Systems Lab I (ES69007) & II (ES69008) (New experiments included)