Shivam Gupta

Welcome to my Webpage!

I am a research student at the Department of Physics in IIT Kanpur. I am interested in learning the physical principles governing different biological processes, especially at the cellular level. I joined Computational Soft Matter and Group @IITK as a Ph.D. student in 2022 to work under the supervision of Dr. Taraknath Mandal. My current focus is on understanding how functional domains form in a cell membrane and what kind of role they play in binding and sensing of membrane proteins. Whenever I've got some free time, I like to kick back and listen to some Indian classical music and folk music.

News and Updates

Joined the SFRI(Science for Rural India)-PMRF TA ship.

Conducting workshop on MATLAB at CSJM University, Kanpur.

Presented poster at Research Scholar Meet 2023, Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur. 28 Jan. 2023

Selected as a Prime Ministers' Research Fellow. 1 Nov. 2022

Joined Computational Soft Matter and Group @IITK as a Ph.D. student. Aug. 2022

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