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Ongoing Research

Optical Packet switching: In this project, design, feasibility and performance using analysis and simulation is under progress. Already, OSNR (optical Signal to noise ratio) performance study, queueing performance using simulation for packets with priority and without priority, header replacement mechanism in the fiber loop buffer and its performance, gain control techniques for increasing buffer depth have been done. In future we will study switch control mechanisms, new architectures with simplified control, impact on routing algorithms.

Agent Based Software Deployment Framework : Management of software lifecycle over distributed computing devices through agents is envisaged in this projects. A small system has been built using Java technology alongwith CORBA libraries (Java IDL) for installation of software package remotely on linux platform using agents. Currently, process of developing a system for managing all the software lifecycle events on Linux platform is going on. In near future this will tuned to management of various servers used in Education Technology services in IITK remotely without much human expertise required at all the servers.
Current status: Basic system implementation for Linux complete, design of next phase of system under progress.

Development of framework for cooperating mobile agents for NMS applications The project aims at defining and developing framework in which mobile agent can cooperate with appropriate negotiations, to the critical events in a telecom network.
Current status: conceptualisation of problem is done. Survey of already done work going on.

Development of OS for Cradle UMS: At the moment, an Operating System for Cradle UMS has been built. This contains TCP/IP stack alongwith all other kernet functions.
current Status: Design and development complete, testing on simulator done.
Next target is testing of code on actual kits on arrrival, and designing of various interfaces for multiprotocol routers.

Content Delivery tools Brihaspati: You can contribute to this project. Please submit your patches to ynsingh@iitk.ac.in Click here for instructions. Currently, involved in design and development of upgrade of Brihaspati on turbine2.3 framework.
Current Status

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Brihaspati_synch: software for enabling realtime remote classroom You can download the tar.gz from here. In the distribution updated documentation is also given.
Currently Brihaspati initiative is funded by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India and IIT Kanpur